Business Studies Week 7 Assignment

You will write a 2-3 page paper. APA Format . The paper will be a summary of the company that you chose in Week 5. You will discuss the following:

Why you chose the company that you did.
Background information on your company.
How do you intend to attract new employees in terms of compensation. What is your compensation plan? Why will it work better than the current plan?

Overview/recap of Week 5 DQ Forum Discussion:

There are 3 parts to your Individual/Power Point Assignment (due week 7), for Week 5 you will complete part 1 in this thread.

Part 1 – Choose company and share thoughts.

Think of a company that you are familiar with, enjoy doing business with or have some interest in for any reason. Your end goal is to create a power point presentation to attract new employees to come and work for your company. Of course this is your company. However, it will be modeled after the company of your choice. Keeping in mind the end goal of the project/presentation which is to attract qualified candidates to work for you by focusing on what your pay practice. What pay practice will your company follow and how can you market it best based on the industry, market or brand that you chose.

You will complete the following step (only) this week in this forum:

Post the company of your choice here. Tell us why you chose that company and some thoughts on how you will model your company after them. The key is not model the company exactly, but to make it an even better place to work!

*Questions and peer to peer review are important in this thread. Take advantage of feedback from other classmates. You might want to change your company choice or choose a different pay practice.

You are required to provide feedback to a minimum of two other students posts. However, the more feedback you provide the better. You can also ask other student’s questions about your choice of company or a how they might approach the company that you chose in terms of pay practice.

Please note you will need to create a thread before you can view others.


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