Obesity in school aged child between 8-12 years in Australia

Audience: Parents and teachers

• A 20 minute PowerPoint presentation (1500 words). This presentation needs to use language that is accessible to the participant group (audience) and include:
· A title slide
· A slide listing the aims and outcomes of the presentation
· A content list is able to be included but is not compulsory
· 10 content slides for the body of the presentation, using the slides to present content to your audience and the notes section to provide the main content “talking points” for each slide. Note that the majority of the words you use should be in the NOTES section and not on your PowerPoint. Refer to the PowerPoint Help Sheet on Interact for instructions and guidelines about developing your PowerPoint presentation.
· Using the APA referencing style with a minimum of 5 references: Recent-less than 7 years old.
 Reference all images and graphs using in text referencing under each image on each slide
 Reference the text content either as above or in the NOTES section for each slide
· Voice overs and scripts are NOT required with use of the NOTES section in PowerPoint

• A fully referenced handout written in language accessible to your participant group and which supports your presentation. (500 words maximum)
· Your handout should be double side A4 format
· With a minimum of 5 in text references using APA style.
· Reference in text for images, graphs and text content
· The handout must be visually appealing and contain pertinent and concise information relevant to the audience (such as contact numbers and websites for further information and support) and represent your understanding as an evidence based practitioner.

• A separate list of references which were used to develop the presentation and the handout.
· There should be a minimum of 5 references for the PowerPoint and 5 for the handout. These may be different references.
· The reference list can be separated into the PowerPoint section and the Handout section following APA style OR they can be presented as one list following APA style

• You must adhere to correct 6th edition APA referencing conventions. References should be current, contemporary and from credible sources. References are counted in the word count.


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