Professor Magnus Thorsson
Due by midnight Friday week 10

The purpose of this project is to have a realistic understanding of the important aspects of organizing the duties of the housekeeping and engineering departments.  Using classroom instruction, discussion, activities and research this project will serve to put the theories into practice.  This project includes skills that employers consider valuable to normal hotel operations.

Grading: The project is worth 15% of your Final Grade for the course. The grade is equal for all group members individual grade is not given.

Format Requirements: Your project is required to have ONE cover page, table of contents, and be separated into sections.  Research is required for this project and a works cited page (MLA format) must be included for this project to be accepted. Points will be deducted for spelling, grammatical errors as well as punctuation.

Each member must complete the corresponding part of each section. If you are the first member then you would take all item one and member two item two in all sections and so forth. EACH GROUP MEMBER MUST PLACE THEIR NAME AS A HEADING OF THE SECTION THEY WORKED ON.

Hotel Description – Background Information

Congratulations!! You have been hired as the new Rooms Division Manager for the Xavier Hotel located in downtown Providence.

Information Xavier Hotel

Room Information        Rate and Occupancy Information
Room Type    # of Rooms        Projected for 2015
1 King Bed    166        Average Rate    147.25
Two Queen Beds    139        Projected Occupancy    68%
Junior Suite    70
Total Rooms    375

Part 1. Checklists, Maintenance Work Orders and Standard Operating Procedures

Each group member must do the corresponding number. (Include the authors name on top of the page)

1.    SOP for cleaning a guestroom.
Write standard operation procedure for cleaning a guestroom.  This SOP would be utilized to train your staff to ensure that each person is cleaning the room according to the standards of the property.

All members note!
●    In this section, use housekeeping/maintenance vocabulary when describing tasks.
●    Cover all tasks thoroughly
●    Note which staff members will be assigned each task (use titles not individual names)
●    Identify work areas clearly

Part 2 Property Critique

In this section all members will visit a local hotel and perform a descriptive critique of the the property.

Each group member must do the corresponding number. (Include the authors name on top of the page)

Have a picture of yourself taken at the location and include it in the paper.  Pictures are necessary for a critique of the property. Provide a paragraph description of how your items of inspection function, are they new or outdated, what could you recommend as an upgrade?

1.    Building Security Cameras Crowd Control- Write any Hampton-Building Security Cameras

All group members: Overall property critique two to three paragraphs.

Part 3. Purchasing (Each group will be assigned 4 Items to Purchase. Refer to list provided to identify which items you are responsible for researching in this section.)

PICK ITEM “Rollaway Bed”

Each group member must do the corresponding number. (Include the authors name on top of the page)

You have been asked by your General Manager to prepare your capital expenditures requests for the upcoming 2015 Budget. You know that you have items which need to be completely replaced and have been told that you are to research and recommend which products you will purchase.  You have been assigned (4) items to purchase for your property.  For this exercise, you will determine your PAR based on replacing all existing products with new/replacement products.  You will need to determine the quantities required for your hotel based on the type of item you are purchasing.  Pars for items will vary based on the items you are assigned. You will determine how many items to purchase based on the number of rooms in your hotel and our discussions regarding inventory pars/requirements.

Please answer the following questions in an essay format:

a)    Describe the product that you are recommending for purchase and provide reasoning for your selection.  You must be specific about what the product is that you have researched. (Example: Hamilton Beach Commercial 1-Cup Coffee Maker – and you would answer all of the questions about this product)
b)    Include picture(s) of the product that you have chosen to purchase.

c)    How durable are the products? Provide online user generated content UGC if available.

d)    What is the expected lifecycle of each product? What is the manufacturers warrantee?

e)    A minimum of 3 quotes from 3 different wholesale sources/companies for each item that you are responsible for purchasing.
Required: For step (d), use either a chart in MSWord or an Excel spreadsheet to provide the pricing information.  Include in your chart your source for the pricing.

Three different (ideally wholesale) sources MUST be used. Most company purchasing policy dictates that 3 or more different independent sources be used, so will you for this assignment.

f)    Based on your research, complete a capital request form for the items you are recommending for your property. Include the individual cost as well as the total capital cost for each item.


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