Young Goodman Brown

Research Paper Section #1
The first section tries to outline how the author?s life relates to the story you are studying. It is not enough to simply write a biography of the author. You need to talk about aspects of the author?s life that have some bearing on the story. This section of your paper should not be ?William Faulkner?s Life? but rather ?How William Faulkner?s Roots in Small Mississippi Influenced A Rose for Emily.? Are there similarities between the author?s life and a main character? Is the setting some place the author lived? Is the theme of the work something that the author was obsessed with?

Research Paper Section #2
The second section chooses two or three devices used in the work and discusses how they contribute to the work?s meaning, quality, etc. For instance, in Hawthorne?s Young Goodman Brown, the names of all the characters are significant. They indicate the role the characters will play in the story. In Faulkner?s A Rose for Emily the setting of a small southern town gives the reader many things that they can immediately identify with. The goal of the section is to discuss the function of devices in the work.

Final Section
The paper?s final section deals with theme. The goal of this last section is to discuss what the work really means: its interpretation and/or its significance. The author wrote the story for some reason. What message were they trying to communicate to the world? If there are several possible themes, discuss each one if you would like, or just pick the one you like best.
Remember that the paper needs an introduction to establish your topic and a conclusion to sum up your findings. You will need 2 or 3 body paragraphs for each section of the paper. The section on theme is normally longer than the other sections.
you can please use the sight i just added as a reference i had to use it for an assignment to show i know how to cite a source.
if you use world cat onllinr library for sources that would be great also.


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