Marketing Theme

University of San Diego: We grow ideas

Human beings are creative people and they would like to be educated in an institution that supports creativity and innovation. University of San Diego is a place where those ideas turn into reality in business administration, sciences, arts and leadership. University of San Diego alumni have become successful people in their respective careers because the university provided a setting through which they could turn their dreams into reality in morally acceptable ways.

Product-Market Definition

The target audience for marketing University of San Diego brand is the prospective students. The university offers chances for undergraduate, graduate and certificate courses student enrollment. Most undergraduate students are fresh off college or high school and they have not yet experienced life. At this stage most are prone to making poor decisions that they regret for the rest of their lives. However, USD provides a chance for them to experience life responsibly through offering the freedom to be creative and have fun while remaining keen on the academics. Graduate students are looking for something different in campus life in addition to academic advancement which was lacking in their former campus of which the university ensures that they gain ultimate resources to grow their ideas and research skills in addition to molding them to become employees.

The product being offered to the prospective students is the many opportunities offered by the university to learn, explore and grow. The university provides a place where people can interact with each other in the serene and the beautiful school architecture giving an opportunity for one to learn from each other. Through accepting diversity in cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds, the university helps the students appreciate each other by fighting ignorance as the students are molded into responsible and civil citizens. The university is branded as one of the most beautiful campuses in the US due to its unique Spanish architectural designs that are symbolist of every building on campus ground. There is a wide range of activities that a person can participate in like sports and residence hall activities giving students an opportunity to learn different activities in addition to developing interpersonal skills because participating in school activities is the platform through which one can interact with many other students from different universities and countries. Sports offered include but not limited to swimming, ball games and athletics. This ensures that a person goes out of the campus a well rounded individual, both academically and socially. The school invites guest lecturers in different specialties to add onto its rich academic resources as an opportunity to learn from people in the field to break the monotony of classroom lectures. All the fun and learning in the university is done following a strict Catholic policy that ensures that one enjoys the campus life responsibly leaving no place for regrets over the time wasted. This is why University of San Diego is the best institution to advance in academic achievements while exploiting ones ideas.

The university recognizes that each person is different because it takes into consideration different psychographics. Different personalities, attitudes and values are acceptable in the campus as long as those personal attributes do not collide with the policies of the university. To cater for this the students are exposed to many learning experiences where they can develop new interests, lifestyles and also develop their hobbies. The institution therefore fills that transition from students to becoming the next generation of employees and employers.

Means of delivery

The internet has become the main communication method that is used by people all over the world. Many people are therefore turning to the internet to get information on various products on the market and so mot people who want to continue with education are browsing the internet to find a prospective university. This would be a very good place to advertise what USD is all about. The form of internet marketing will be one-to-one marketing because most prospective students will most likely browse the internet for more information on the university. The media content will include various video clips that can be viewed on various campus activities and how they contribute to growth of ideas. The media will also include printable university brochures in PDF version containing information about the university.

Through placing advertisement on social media sites like You Tube Facebook and Twitter, various prospective students will get the information and have a chance to share their comments on these sites. Given that many people are hooked to these social sites, the advertisement is going to reach a wide range of audience even the online prospective students. The internet and social media are inexpensive way through which marketing can be achieved.

Outreach events will be organized where the university representatives will visit schools to share information about USD, academics and social exposure to those who will join the campus. This will ensure that when students get out of school they join the university that promises and delivers a bright future.








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