The Nature of Leadership


1-1 subtitle: The Wider Field – The Study of Leadership (The Journey to Leadership) Stages of Leadership: Influence, Accession, Incumbency and Divestiture (900 words )
2-1 subtitle: Life History of leadership in higher education (700 words )
3-1 subtitle: Life History and its Significance for Leadership skills Development and discover ways and processes for solve problems through reflective learning practices in Higher Education (leaders with themselves and with collaboration with others) ( 1300 words )
4-1 subtitle: The Role of the educational Leaders in Higher Education in recent years (Enacting Leadership) (700 words )
5-1 subtitle: Professional Identity and the Knowledge of self-evaluation and self-development for leaders through critiquing reflective learning practice in higher education (leaders with themselves and with collaboration with others Leaders) (1300 words)
summary of the above (300 words)
note/ the above are outlines for one part of the whole literature review in my thesis(Reflective Learning Practices of Educational Leaders and the Impact on Their Skills and Development at Ha’il University).
Please cover all of the outlines and feel free to do what you think it is necessary for good quality of writing.

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