In the research paper, use historical sources to examine “Bloomer Girl” baseball (early 1900s) within physical culture. To do so, you need to dialectically analyze the moment within its historical context and discuss its legacies within our contemporary experience. The question is designed to allow you demonstrate proficiency in research through:
• Developing a well-constructed and well-supported argument
• Appropriately applying the concept
• Conducting additional research into secondary sources
• Collecting and analyzing primary source materials
While it is necessary to describe the particulars of physical culture in the United States at the moment been focused, a good paper will link physical culture to broader concepts (i.e., race, class, gender, sexuality, capital-labor relations). It also needs to provide insight into physical culture in both the historical moment of focus and within our contemporary moment.
It is expected that you collect and utilize three (3) primary sources, which can include newspapers, autobiographies, photographs and other images, and advertisements (among other materials) generated at the moment of investigation. Beyond primary source material, it is expected that you utilize at least three (3) secondary sources.
Suggested Structure
• Introduction: present a research statement, describe your topic, and define the concepts you will be discussing. This description must clearly identify the broader significance of your topic within the context of American society and history. Concept definitions must be based within academic literature. In the introduction, you must clearly explain to the reader the structure of the research paper.
• Context: building on the introduction, you need to discuss the broader context of American society as it relates to the topic within the time period of investigation. To do so, you will only focus on the most relevant details in terms of: the state of social relations, public policy, economic relations, major events, geographic situations and/or knowledge.
• Body: In the main body of your paper, you will describe and analyze primary source materials. After you provide short descriptions of your primary source materials (1-2 sentences at most), the majority of the section must analyze how your primary source materials are embedded within their historical contexts and how they contribute to an understanding of the topic you are focusing upon.
• Discussion: you need to address the continuities and discontinuities of the topic in relation to contemporary America.
• Conclusion: a good conclusion does far more than just summarizing the paper, but engages the broader significance of your argument as it relates to American society today. To do so, you may want to engage the contemporary legacies of your topic, the relationship between sport and wider social change in America, and the location of sport within wider power struggles that have characterized America throughout its history.


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