source evalutaion



Article to use :
Considering the source (just need to copy and past the link above to your browser and it will automatically open the pdf file) assigned to the research project about AIDS in Africa, you will be asked to write a source evaluation of 600 words. To demonstrate that you are working toward competency in the use and documentation of the source, you must incorporate materials in a variety of ways: (a) Factual information from the source, (b) paraphrased material, (c) a brief, in-text quotation, and (d) a long set-off quotation. Obviously, you may use some of these techniques more than others. Use parenthetical notes to acknowledge your source in the paper itself, according to MLA style.
Content: You should introduce the source by describing the type it is, leading to a thesis on its quality. In the body of the paper, you should use the following pattern:
-General criteria:
.qualifications of the author
.the source’s accessibility for someone at your basic level of expertise
.the kind of information that will help you

The evaluation should look at both positive and negative aspects of the source. It is also very important to include the ways this source could help you develop and support your thesis, or if you are still searching for a focused thesis the ways this source might help you to formulate one.



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