Should Beauty Pageants for Underage Girls Be Discontinued Because They Are Exploitative?

Should Beauty Pageants for Underage Girls Be Discontinued Because They Are Exploitative?

Research Paper Guidelines and Topics

From the list below select one research question. This question will serve as the topic that you will explore and center on throughout your research. Then, develop an

argument paper that focuses on some aspect of the issue. Remember?you must take a position (for or against) on this issue and you MUST include a clear claim that

centers on your position. Place the claim as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph and underline it.

Requirements and Guidelines:
? Your research paper must be between six (full) to eight pages in length.
? Read and carefully follow all of the guidelines for ?Documenting Sources,? pp. 411-425 presented in ?Chapter 13: The Research Guide? pages 360-438. Use only MLA

style (2009), NOT APA style.
? You will need to incorporate six to eight outside sources into the essay. These will form your points of evidence and will appear in the form of in-text citations

(use paraphrase and/or direct quotations).
? You will include a works cited page that lists the outside sources. This constitutes the last page of your paper and is numbered. However, it is NOT considered part

of the length requirement.
? On p. 444 in the text is a sample Works Cited page that may be useful for you to consult.
? Follow these style specifics:
o Write in third person only
o Refrain from the use of contractions
o Follow all MLA guidelines?see Inventing Arguments
? Using some (but not all) online resources is acceptable. However, Internet resources must be from the following sites: .edu. .gov, .org. Do not use .com sources or

information from Wikipedia.
? Late papers will NOT be accepted
? You must submit your paper to SafeAssign; I will not grade it otherwise

The Process:
o Select a topic from those provided above that you will enjoy researching and writing about
o Read and explore this topic carefully?what are the positions already expressed about this issue?
o Select a specific position that you will assert in your claim. This will be a working claim that can evolve with your research and growing understanding of your

o Begin prewriting activities (i.e., brainstorming to find out everything you already know about this topic, asking questions, further researching this topic)
Research extensively: include citations or paraphrases from the sources in your essay. Vary your resources. Do not depend solely on Internet resources?points will be

deducted for not using other resources, such as books, newspapers, journals, and magazines.
? Present at least three reasons to show the logic of your position. Develop each reason thoroughly.
? Include a counterargument that acknowledges the merits of the opposing viewpoint
? Don?t forget the Works Cited?this is part of the document and should appear as the last page of the paper. Document the six to eight outside sources and place in

alphabetical order and follow all other MLA rules for the entries.
? There will be no rewrites. Therefore, please see me immediately if you are having trouble with this assignment.
Topic Choices
? Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered?
? Should Data Posted on Social Networking Sites Be Fair Game in Hiring Practices?
? Should Online Education Be Touted as Being Equally Effective as Traditional Classroom Education?
? Can a Case Be Made that Violent Media Images Trigger Violent Behavior?
? Should College Athletes Be Paid?
? Should the Names of Sex Offenders Continue to Be Made Public?
? Should College Campuses Go Green?
? Should the Use of Torture by a Government Be Allowed for the Purpose of Acquiring Information?
? Should Beauty Pageants for Underage Girls Be Discontinued Because They Are Exploitative?
? How Far Should Schools Go in Enforcing a Zero Tolerance Policy for Bullying?


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