Prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer
For this presentation I want the information of the slides simple and as a points to engage the audience with short explanation if needs, not full paragraphs. In addition, the important in this work, as you know the presentation needs to be explained rather than to read from the slides, so I need note of speech so I can present well and explain for each slide for the audiance. Each slide must be linked with the previous one due to we are going to talk about the patient journey. This presentation must be illustrated for evidence and engage the audience. The colour of the slides must be simple and engaged.
Slide0: Cover page with images of normal prostate and prostate cancer.
• provide Image in the slide for introducing the pathology
• Talk about the definition and background of prostate cancer in general, and how common in UK .
• Causes
• Anatomy
Slide2 :
Patient Presentation: Hypothetical case for patient has prostate cancer about:
• Age
• History
• Symptoms
• . Make the patient journey excited to engage the audience, for example Due to a family history of prostate cancer, the patient elected to have a private PSA test carried out.
• At this point the patient was asymptomatic but had a PSA = 11µg/L. and an enlarged prostate was found on DIGITAL RECTAL EXAM( DRE). Patient elected to do MRI for staging but he refused due to he has claustrophobic in MRI machine, and then he elected to do Gleason score for staging instead.

Slide5+6: Prognosis: write explanation about these modalities with images related to this patient case, so I can explain it for the audience in the note of speech.
? Lab (PSA)
? Gleason scour
? Tranrectal US
Note for slide 3+4+5+6: patient journey in the slides must be clear as a points for engaging the audience but you should write the note of speech I will use it during the presentation as a scenario in details, e.g. the patient transfer from unit to another unit.
Slide7: Treatment
?� Radical prostatectomy:
? By laparoscopic device
?� Radiotherapy:
? To avoid cancer recurrent .
• (Provide images for treatment) and note of speech in details to explain the events.
• Note : the treatment depends on the patient situation in the hypothetical case you made. Double check about the suitable treatment for prostate cancer, Because i am not sure about it.
Slide8: After treatment: for example the patient died in 2012 (provide images ) and note of speech in details to explain the events.

Summarise the whole part. (provide note of speech to summarise the whole contents of the slides)

Slide10:Recommendations with conclusion.
Conclude the events and put recommendations for the patient( provide note of speech)

Slide11List references.
The images in the slides must be referenced underneath the images,and in the reference list as well. Any resources must be referenced as Harvard reference in the reference list.


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