Political science

Please answer each question in 1-4 sentences.
In answering your questions be sure to also use of the Annotated Contents part of your text, pages ix-xiii.
The textbook, Global Issues 2015 by CQ Researcher published by Sage/ CQ Researcher
(ISBN 978-1-5063-0835-7) The book has a publication date of 2016

1.According to your text, what question does Harvard Professor Stephen M. Walt ask regarding
chemical weapons use?
2.According to your text, what is the most recent episode of the use of chemical weapons (nerve
gas) in the world?
3.According to your text, about how many people were killed from this latest use of chemical
4.According to your text, how did President Obama react to this most recent episode of the use
of chemical weapons?
5.According to our text, how does a 1975 U.S. resolution characterize Zionism?

6.According to your text, how many countries have favorable views toward Israel?

7.According to your text, is Iraq a mostly Sunni or mostly Shia country?

8.According to your text roughly how many U.S. military personnel have been killed
in Iraq?
9.Has violence in Iraq increased or decreased since 2011? Please explain your answer.
10.What does the widely used expression “boots on the ground” mean and why is it such a
major concern to U.S. government officials at present?
11.How does your text characterize efforts to combat cybersecurity threats to the public?
12.According to your text, what is the most common form of cybersecurity breach in the U.S.?
13.What obstacles does the Obama administration face in its efforts to combat cybersecurity
14.What was the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 and what was its outcome?
15.What two words does Scheuer use to describe Osama bin Laden in the YouTube video
“How and how not to fight terrorism”? Many words were used but these two words
were emphasize the most by Scheuer.
16.According to Scheuer, what is the key to understanding and defeating “the al-Qaeda
17.According to your text what West African country lost large swathes of its territory to
al-Qaeda groups in 2012?
18.According to Scheuer, what is the goal of al-Qaeda? What does it seek to do?

19.Based on the YouTube video presentation by Michael Scheuer titled: “How and how
not to fight terrorism,” do the terrorists hate the US for its way of life as President
Bush and others have stated or to they hate the U.S. for other reasons? What are
the reasons that Scheuer gives for why al-Qaeda hates the U.S.?
20.According to Michael Scheuer, give three reason that terrorists use to create opposition
against the U.S. in the Middle East? (See “How and how not to fight terrorism video.)
21.According to your text, what three words does the international group, Freedom House,
use to describe the current Arab dictator who recently returned his country to
“autocratic rule”?
22.According to your text, what is the name of the Islamist political party that won elections
in Tunisia?
23.What does your text say about social unrest and the achievement of full democracy and
and individual rights in the Arab world?
24.According to your text, what Arab country is described as the only “bright spot” in the
Arab world according to a Freedom House report?

25.According to your text, what event sparked the 2011 political reform movement known as
the Arab Spring and in what country did it occur in, first?

26.According to your text, how did Syrian President Bashar al-Assad react to the fact that his
country of Syria has entered its fifth year of civil war?

27.What two words describe your textbook’s description of statistics on transnational crime?
In other words how do the authors of your textbook feel about these statistics?

28.According to your text what was the death toll from the Syrian Civil War as of December
2014 as reported by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights?

29.How many dollars have international criminals “raked in” according to the latest report issued
In 2011 by the UNODC cited in your text?
30.According to your text what modern developments give police and prosecutors
new advantages in the fight against transnational crime?
31.According to your text, in the field of stolen Art and antiques alone, Interpol
estimates what dollar amount in losses per year?
32.What state owned enterprise founded by the Portuguese crown in the early
1400s enriched European colonial powers and shaped the futures (and fortunes)
of the United States of America according to your text?
33.According to your text, what words did Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin say
during his visit to energy-dependent Moldova?

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