Political Concept;UK,USA Case Study

Political Concept;UK,USA Case Study
Political Concept;UK,USA Case Study

Essay on Political concept should be based on these 3 questions
1. Explain why democratic states like the UK place such importance upon the principle of separation of powers.

This principle ensures the arms of government are separate and distinct due to the corrupting nature of power.

Power, in other words, must be checked, or it will be abused.

The legislative branch is responsible for enacting the laws of the State and appropriating the money necessary to operate the government.

The executive branch is responsible for implementing and administering the public policy enacted and funded by the legislative branch.

The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the Constitution and laws and applying their interpretations to controversies brought before it.

2. Explain the view that the Prime Minister has power and authority whilst Parliament has sovereignty .

The paradox of the British political system is that whilst the Prime Minister is often identified as the most powerful figure in British Government, constitutionally the post has very few formal powers ascribed to it

The Prime Minister has few statutory functions but will usually take the lead on significant matters of state.

The Prime Minister has certain prerogatives, for example recommending the appointment of ministers and determining the membership of Cabinet and Cabinet committees

The British monarch has all authority, but no power. The Sovereign appoints the Prime Minister, and every year opens the sessions of parliament
3. Critically compare three democratic features of the British and American system of Government.


  • Perhaps the most fundamental difference between the American and British political systems is the constitution – or the lack of one. The United States has a written constitution as does the vast majority of nation states. The UK does not have a single document called the constitution but instead its constitutional provisions are scattered over various Acts of Parliament.


  • The United States is a republic with an elected head of state, the President. In contrast, the United Kingdom is a monarchy with the head of state being a hereditary member of the royal family


  • In the USA, both houses of the legislature – the Senate and the House of Representatives – are directly elected. In the UK, the House of Commons is directly elected, but the House of Lords is largely appointed (making it unique in the democratic world).

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