Organizational issue/pain

Project Overview:
Your project should address an organizational issue/pain, indicating a problem identified in a hospitality organization (support your sources). This problem may relate to financial, HR, or operational aspects, but its impact on employee or stakeholder relationships must be evidenced. It should demonstrate the strategic processes and action plans applied in solving the problem, and involve the use, application and evaluation of theories.
Overall Aim:
To demonstrate an understanding of how Organisational Behaviors  theory and practice is applied in solving organizational and work related issues that need improvement; bearing in mind that the hallmark of OB is aimed at acquiring understanding of how organizational change, learning and practice is conducted.
Learning Outcomes (from CRS):
1.    Identify various challenges existing in organizations, and analyze the usefulness and appropriateness of psychological and/or sociological theories based on societal and cultural determinants.
2.    Demonstrate the process of application and implementation of theories to specific problems, and evaluate how the outcome impacts different stakeholders.
3.    Appraise the extent to which the formation and evolution of organizations rely on careful considerations of culture, communication and sharing of goals, in the drive for value.
4.    Use theories and models in studying, organizing and presenting knowledge individually and as part of a group.
Organization & Methodology:
Students are to present an indentified problem/pain in a hospitality organization and then use and apply theoretical frameworks suitable to deal with this problem. The methodological stance should be appropriate and justifiable to the research context. The lecturer to ensure an accurate focus must approve the selected topic.

The report is a research-based project, which identifies an organizational problem, and then defines and demonstrates suitable OB theories to tackle this problem. The report must follow good writing standards e.g. language, presentation, referencing etc., and use the Glion assessment front cover. Recommended font type and size: Arial or Times New Roman 12. Spacing 1.5. The report should be of 2500 words (with a 10% allowance), not counting title page, table of contents and references. The report should adapt the following structure:
?    Cover page ?    Reflective statement (approx. one page) ?    T able    of    contents ?    Introduction (start of word count) ?    Problem statement ?    Identification and clarification of Organizational Behaviors theories ?    Appropriateness of OB theories to the problem statement ??Limitations ?    Conclusions (end of word count) ?    Reference list ?    Appendices (if any)
(Refer to task and weighting for further specifications)


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