organization behavior

Case study 1 :.
A-Senior management office location :.
When people are promoted to senior management position , they get an office in the executive floor as one of the parks and the prestige of being a senior executive . this is made very obvious as it becomes a real symbol of power . however ,having an office separated from the rest of the organization means that members of the senior management team are hard to reach .there are many barriers in the way such as location , secretaries and gatekeepers to get to them . it makes the members of the senior management team very invisible and decreases the perceived transparency in an organization . just as important is the fact that the senior management team no longer has easy access to general staff because their offices and location are just as much a barrier for them to interact with the rest of the organization .
Question :
1- What would you recommend to organization which are seeking to increase the exposure of their senior management within the organization and to increase interaction with employees across the organization ?
2- Explain the practical of your recommendation and any challenges that might result from it .
Case study 2:.
B-Nadia stomachache:.
Nadia Ibrahim was 40 years old when her divorce become final. She was forced to go to work to support her two children .Nadia got married right after graduating from college and had never really held a full-time job outside the home. Nevertheless ,because of her enthusiasm ,education and maturity ,and the pressure to recruit women in supervisory jobs, she impressed the human resources manager at deer?s department store and was immediately hired . the position involves supervising three department of men?s and women?s clothing. Nadia?s training consisted of approximately two months at another store in the Deer chain . she spent a three months training period both selling merchandise and learning the supervisor?s responsibilities . on the first day of her supervisory job, Nadia learned that, because of size constraints at the store, six clothing department are all located in the same area . in addition to nadia , there are two other supervisors in the other department . the three supervisors share the service of 28 full-and part-time salespeople . because the various department are so jammed together , all the salespeople are expected to know each department?s merchandise. Deer?s merchandizing philosophy is that it will not finish one department or storewide sale without starting another . both the clerks and the supervisors who work on a commission and salary basis, are kept busy marketing and remarking the merchandise as one sale stop and another starts . to make matters worse ,Deer ?s expects the employees to remark each item just prior to closing time the night after a big sale . the pressure is intense , and customers are often neglected and irritated .however, all the sales people realize that when the customers suffers ,so do their commissions. As a supervisor, Nadia is expected to enforce the company?s policy rigidly . soon after taking the position as supervisor , Nadia began to experience severe headaches and a gnawing stomachache . she would like to quit her job , but realistically she can?t because the pay is good and she needs to support her children .
1-TO what do you attribute Nadia?s health problems ? what are some possible extra organizational , organizational, group , and individual stressors ?
3- Is there anything that this company could do to alleviate stress for its supervisors? What individual coping strategies could Nadia ?
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