Open House – Real Estate Practices

The Open House report is an analytical report. It should give details about your experience, answering the questions below and others that may be applicable to your experience.
On a Saturday or Sunday visit approximately 4 to 5 Open Houses. Approach the Open House as if you are a buyer looking for a home to purchase. The point of the assignment is to feel like a buyer, see what things the agent did or did not do that you liked and were effective in getting you interested in either that home or in buying a home. Pay close attention to the following:
1. How you found the Open House.
2. If you went by the signs on the curbs, were there sufficient and clear signs leading you to the Open House.
3. Were you greeted by the agent when you entered the Open House.
4. How was the house "staged"?
5. How would you rate your interaction with the agent?
6. Were there refreshments?
7. Were there flyers on the outside of the house?
8. Were there flyers on the inside of the house, as well?
9. Were the flyers effective? How would you rate them?
10. Was there anything the agent did that you did not like or that offended you?
11. Was there anything the agent did that you thought was a "Nice" touch?
12. Was the agent appropriately dressed?
13. Anything else that you wish to comment on regarding your experience.
14. With the report, include a copy of agent’s listing flyer. If there is no listing flyer, include the name of the agent and the real estate office the agent is representing (this could be a business card).


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