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This essay explores the advancement of media technologies in the in the field of business. It touches on the media advancement such as travel Meta search engines
that have been embraced by both the hospitality and tourism industry. The essay also highlights the development that is likely to occur in this media based on forecasting. It further touches on how the adaption on this media can be used by other organization to their best advantage.

The essay also touches on social media and the exotic changes in the television . Showing the likelihood of them developing in the next five years and how organizations that benefit from these technologies are likely to benefit from it.

Finally, it tackles on why the technological leadership is likely to be embraced.



In the recent years there has been great technological advancement in the media that have left the business sector with a lot to choose from. These media technologies have been used by the business sector in the field of marketing, management, relations and market research among others.

In the tourism sector, there has been the development of the travel Meta search site engines which has been developed to counter the online travel agencies.  Christodoulidou (2009) points out that the Meta search site travel engines majorly locate travelling sites by providing links to the consumers whereas the online travel agents majorly deal with booking of hotels for the potential consumers. The advantage of the Meta search site engines for industries such as hospitability and tourism sector is that, this technological advancement has the provision of altering the economy of distribution field, and also the travelers associated with distribution itself (Christodoudou, 2009).According to Natasa Christodoudou, the meta search sites has the advantage over the online travel agencies in that they are more attractive and less costly compared to working with the online travel agencies.

This new media advancement is likely to develop in a way that there will be a possibility to have transactional relationship, whereby pay per check click buttons will be included in the search site engine to enable not just booking but also the transaction process ( Christodoudou ,2009).

As noted from the Christodoulou observation Meta search engines can be adapted by other sectors such as the medical field, education and the public sector in search of the public services and other businesses with physical locations. The medical, education and other public institutions can put this technology in place where by there put their details such as location, services offered and the costs in the search h engines so that they can be located by the consumers at the click of a button. This technological advancement in media is also called E-travel sites.

Another media technology that is finding its way in the business sector is the social media. According to Mkenna (2011) perspective, all publication about business touches on the aspect of marketing. Good marketing being the survival technique of businesses makes a lot of business to use social media majorly for advertisement reasons. It can be noted that the social media is all about having good interaction that can enable realization of response and engagement of velocity in a business set up.

McKenna (2011) quoting Susan Asworth, an assistant director of Glasgow university  library says that,  the social media such as the face book, twitters and others are likely in future consider the possibility of adding variety of media and other forms of media to cater for the inadequacy related to library and information gathering.

The possibility of putting in a lot of media and other electronic content will make it possible for businesses to embrace it as an ideal channel of advertising both for their goods and services. This is because consumers are more captivated by what they see rather than what they hear. In the available social media sites there is likelihood of exploration of it as an advertising model as witnessed by increased uploading of pictures by various business and companies in these media  sites through the use of tag system (McKenna, 2011).

Basically, these developments in the social media should be used by all sorts of businesses that want to explore and maintain a higher niche in both local and international markets. Thus the media technology cut across the production and service delivery industry.

In the recent past, there has been very exotic development in the television has a media technology.  According to market technology publication, television has been made interactive in a way that it is essential for market research which is vital for every business. The television has been made richer in such a way that campaigns are tailored to cater for different tastes and preferences of individual. In the coming years there is likelihood that the society will embrace the much talked digital broadcast which will make businesses to stick to television campaigns as a sure way of advertising. This is an old media technology that has undergone through various advancements to meet the current consumer demands (Muller, 2011)

There is no doubt that that technological leadership is ideal for business advancement in that, it cuts costs for advertising, it is the best mode of advertising goods and service and it enhances interactivity between the business people and the consumers (Ridley, 2011).














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