Media and Communication Studies Personal Statement

As a potential Media and Communication studies student at the University of Washington Bothell, I will always strive to be a very tremendous asset to the institution. This is only achievable through devoting all my life and time to becoming an excellent Media and Communications studies specialist. I also believe that I am obliged to use my talents in a more constructive manner, in which they will be of great benefit to the society. Thus, Media and Communications studies will be able to give me a unique opportunity which I will use to advance my knowledge as well as expressing my skills and talents in the process of benefiting the human life.

However, I have come to the decision of applying for my studies at University of Washington Bothell because of its reputation and the potential the institution has in empowering me achieve the goals I have always had in mind. Also the quality of your different courses which are offered, and more so the Media and Communications studies is also one of the main consideration that I have taken in order to come up with such enthusiasm to join your prestigious institution.

I also intend to take up media and communication studies due to the fact that I really want to enormously contribute to the society through my facilitation to the communities’ access to information. The intention of pursuing the above mentioned program comes from the passion I have to help, thus it is a very unselfish act of service to others, which to some extent I believe, is of great importance to improving the condition of the society through empowering and enlightening it as a result of increased accessibility to information.

Moreover, Media and Communications Studies which I have opted to pursue will prepare me for the future of business as well as mass communications. This is mainly because it focuses on providing skills that are very necessary for nowadays workforce in Media and Communications career. Also the organization of the course is very good since it usually combines the media and communications history and theory together with practical opportunities in media production and practice.  This option will also challenge me to develop my practical skills and intellectual capacities which are required to communicate through diverse media formats. This is mainly because the coursework integrates practice and theory through classroom seminars, media production workshops, as well as community-based projects.

I believe that I am one of the ideal candidates for this course because of my personal interests and achievements. My educational background combined with personal experiences also motivates me most to pursue this course. I also have future plans of resuming studies immediately after the completion of my Media and Communications studies course. This will enable me to pursue a master’s degree which requires this course as a prerequisite. This will help me to actualize my long term career plan which is to be part of management and a key player in the media and communication industry.

I have always been very diligent in pursuit of Media and Communications studies career because I believe that it will give me an opportunity to serve other people and the society as a whole. Thus, pursuing this course will be one of the important rewards for my persistence and motivation for success. Moreover, if given an opportunity to pursue this course I promise to uphold as well as exceeding all what is envisaged of a Media and Communications studies student while also in the process of promoting the progress of media and communication studies and humanity


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