Executive summary

Pamper Yourself Chef Services is a company set to offer clients high quality catering services so that they can concentrate on other matters concerning their lives. It will offer Rent-A-chef services to event planners, working mums and the busy families. Through product and service diversification, the business is likely to attract more clients.(Smith, 1956)

Pamper yourself chef will offer personal chef services to the busy society including dinner preparation, shopping and menu planning with a personal touch. The services will also include catering services during family get together, parties or just an intimate dinner. All utensils will be provided by the Pamper yourself chef where all meals will be prepared in the client’s home. A complete clean up will be done after the meal.

Situation analysis

Pamper Yourself Chef Services is a new company and marketing is important to the success of the company and future expansion. We offer top quality services giving clients a value for their money. With the rising business community, Pamper Yourself Chef Services is going to bring relief to the busy mothers, families or lovers who enjoy having a meal together.

Target market

Target market will be the people that the business wants to attract for it to grow, (Heskette & Sasser, 2010). The target market will be the working mothers with families and want to enjoy a home cooked healthy meal. This will give families more time together and give a chance to the mother to relax after a day’s work. The age bracket for this end of market is 33 to 60 years with an annual income of $ 150,000. Pamper yourself Chef will also offer picnic food and take outs to families.

For people planning to host family get together or parties, we are going to offer full catering services including cooking serving and cleaning. This is a move to save the families the head ache associated with delayed meals of appointing duties to individuals. This will give families a full time to relax and catch up on each others lives without having to worry about food. Though they can get services from restaurants, pamper yourself will add a personal touch to the service as the meals and services will be done according to the client’s specifications.

Pamper Yourself Chef will also offer personalized services for couples who want to spend an intimate dinner in their home. The age bracket for these consumers is 22 to 45 with an income of $100,000.


There are many catering serviced offering door to door catering to low class and middle class. There is only one competitor on the high end category. However, people have been complaining of poor services and not getting the equivalent of what they paid for which are often overpriced. The entry of Pamper Yourself Chef Services will be met with animosity as they may try to sabotage our services or they may upgrade their services. This is expected but it is going to be met with consistency of services to our clients and exceed their expectation so that they can see the company can be relied on. By using defensive marketing strategies the business will overcome the competition, (Hauser & Shugan, 1983)


Pricing method will play a huge role in the number of clientele Pamper Yourself Chef Services will attract. The main objective is to stand out from the competitors by giving customers high standard services. The pricing will be value –based pricing where what a customer pays for is what they receive. This is meant to cover even the low income earners who want to treat themselves. High prices will however be charged to the higher end of the market for a luxurious dinner so that the earnings will cover for fixed and variable expenses while giving the business profit.

Pamper Yourself Chef Services will use both skim pricing and penetration pricing, (Black, 1973; Kotler & Armstrong, 2010).The former will apply to the high end clients who are not sensitive to spending while the penetration pricing will be important with the working class mothers who jut want a decent meal for their families.

Channel s of Distribution

The services offered are not transferable trough a chain of distributors so for Rent-a-chef business the best channel of distribution will be selling directly to the client as a direct link is important between the client and the chef, (Lorette, 2005). This way, the business will grow in number of clients due to a strong bond between the business and the client.


Marketing the business will be important to get initial clients. Advertising will be via placing a small advertisement on the local daily per week and the internet. Mainly the business will market itself through offering high quality to the clients who will then inform other potential clients ensuring that the client base will grow. Fliers and business cards will also be handed out during the catering services for big events. Initial services will be offered a 15 percent discount.


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