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A writer’s write-up of Lynee A Davis Autobiography: A widow’s walk: From pain to peace

Book publishing is undoubtedly one of the most daunting task to most of the writers especially those who  are starting to publish as the case with Lynee A. Davis whose first book “A Widow’s Walk: From Pain to Peace” will be considered in the writers write-up task. However, for the more experienced writers who have published extensively, this exercise does not present greater  challenges. Moreover, after publishing of a single or several books in becomes necessary to start holding various activities such as book fairs, book reading as well as book signing aimed at promoting the published book or books. All these are aimed at responding to the numerous questions raised by the readers  while at the same time undertaking on the book promotion and marketing.

The event of book signing took place at Knowledge Factory Books   at San Francisco Bay Area and it was presided over by  Lynee A. Davis, who is the author of the book “A Widow’s Walk: From Pain to Peace”,  an event which took place on Saturday July 09, 2011 between  01:00 PM PDT to 03:00 PM PDT. The audience consisted of approximately forty people majority of which were women even Lynee’s child was also present in the audience. The author’s topic on this book is actually giving hope to those who are deplorable states especially the widows left by their husbands at early stages of marriage.

However, the venue for this event was conducive since it was quite and not crowded hence it positively affected the entire event. The weather was also very nice  since it was slightly sunny and the warmth was moderate in conjunction with  a  sizzling breeze that wrapped up the essence of the situation. In addition, the writer made an impressive first impression from the way she introduced herself as well as all along the entire event on how she conducted each and every part of the book signing. Hence, this been my first event of this kind it was extremely exciting.

However, Lynee A. Davis who has in the recent past carved a new life as well as identity out of her husband’s untimely death ashes is the writer I am considering (Davis 2011 p. 12). She is a Personal Trainer as well as a  Fitness Instructor whereby she educates people on the physical fitness importance. In addition, she is currently pursuing a Physical Education within the California Teaching Credential in order to start teaching physical education in the public school system. Moreover, the in Lynee A. Davis book, “A Widow’s Walk: From Pain to Peace” she has undoubtedly written an extremely compelling memoir concerning her life as a widow, after the untimely demise of her husband who is constantly struggling to cope with her husband’s  unexpected death (Davis 2011 p. 39).

In this book, Lynee invites you to keenly look inside a woman’s soul which is broken, out of control, lost and been forced towards accepting the unwanted changes that  have occurred in her life (Davis 2011 p. 120). The flow of the book is consisted since from the time you read the first sentence in the book you are instantly transported into numerous chaos, that is, from the hospital, then to the grave and beyond. Therefore, it is an invitation to witness the battles she engages in as she tries fight in order to let go of her past, so that she can embrace a new identity as well as a more promising and  a better life (Davis 2011 p. 60).

Lynee is however, shockingly honest as she embarks on the process of reiterating on her experience(s) as a widow who is actually living on the edge of reality (Davis 2011 p. 81). In this book she however, questions what is the meaning of life as  well as her faith in God. Alternatively, she happens to discover that it is the faith she is doubting that gives her the strength and purpose to continue on her journey. Hence, it is an extremely interesting experience to fasten the seatbelts and riding in this emotional rollercoaster whereby there is no off limits (Davis 2011 p. 120). Therefore, the book helps us to embark on hearing the thoughts, feeling the pain, as well as rejoicing over the victories all of which  are presented in this journey of “A Widow’s Walk.”

There were numerous interesting ideas that I got concerning the issue writing and publication. For instance, I noticed that there is need for persistence and always been keen with whatever you are doing in order  to ensure that the published work is of the quality which is  satisfactory. The entire event was undoubtedly very stimulating hence, if I were a writer I would definitely do it the same way even though more promotion would be necessary to increase the audience. Majority of  the people in the audience were so much interested in buying the whereby about ten copies of the book were sold. Several questions were asked by the audience, whereby I personally asked on the process involved in getting someone’s book to be published and the challenges which must be overcome. Finally, the writer seemed to skillfully handle the audience since despite the absence of someone to coordinate the audience the event went on very successfully.

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