Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation Project

Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation Project


A letter To the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

RE: Why I am for the project.

There has been a proposal of constructing the Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation Project which is a hydroelectric project that has been in place with the aim of developing the part of Churchill River that is yet to be developed in Newfoundland and Labrador. The project has been in the process for over thirty years and it still continues. The lower Churchill Hydroelectric project went through an environmental assessment and it was required to meet the Socio-economic and environmental conditions which has since then become an issue.

In support of the proposal as described, there are some concerns that are supposed to be looked at for the effective implementation. The concerns are the environmental issues that arise due to the implementation of the project, the sustainable developments that are to be considered, the justification of the project, and the gas emission reduction of the existing greenhouses.

Sustainable development

The benefits that are expected from the Lower Churchill hydroelectric power is that the project will provide a sustainable supply of energy that will be depended on by the people from the province. The project is committed to providing sustainable development that will help and meet the needs of the current generation and the one that will not affect the future generation. The sustainable developments is supposed to make sure that the renewable resources will not be affected and destroyed by the project, for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of the present generation and destroying the resources of the future generation. The project is supposed to be examined carefully for precaution purposes. The uncertain things in this project like in every other project, are supposed to be laid down so that they can be known. Also, the assumptions that are made concerning the things that will affect the future generation are supposed to be laid down and weighed. This will help in proper planning for the present and for the future.


The positive effects of the project are supposed to outweigh the negative effects. In this way it will be justifiable to continue with the project. The main purpose of the development of that project as Environment Impact Statement (5) states is to cater for the needs of the people from the province. The supply of the electricity energy will be readily available for their use domestically and in business.

After the electricity has been supplied in Newfoundland and in Labrador, there will be a chance of transporting the remaining power to other places outside the province which will also be an advantage. The demand of pure and clean energy increases because of the increase in population and emerging technologies that require the use of electricity and so the electricity will be marketable and will benefit them. It will also help the province to get revenue that will be long term.  Newfoundland and Labrador will have a chance to own the project which will be a great privilege considering that the electricity might be exported to various places. These people will benefit from both the electricity and the financial returns. It will also help in promoting energy stability for the surrounding people.

The other purpose of the project is that it will help in providing direct employment for the engineers, the project managers and other people in the province. The direct employment which is another justification and it will have helped in developing the economy in the province and promoting economic growth. The local people, industries and the companies in the province will benefit because apart from getting employment they will also be able to do business in the cause of construction.

Greenhouse emission gas reduction

The other advantage is that the electricity system provided after the first phase will be free from carbon that is produced by the green houses. Electricity will replace the greenhouses that produce carbon emissions which contribute to the pollution of the environment and the air. All other sources of energy that are used will be replaced by the electricity. The electricity which will be produced by the Project will reduce and avoid emissions which will ensure that the environment is clean and pure. This will also affect the climate when the carbon is reduced and it will result to good climatic change.


There have been environmental issues that need to be addressed about the project, but there are some benefits that are expected which will help in implementing the project. According to Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation Project (5), The Lower Churchill hydroelectric generation project will help to sustain the environment if it fulfils the responsibilities it has. One of the responsibilities it has is to prevent pollution in the provinces. The environmental pollution is considered as affecting the water, air, or soil. One of the responsibilities of the Lower Churchill Hydroelectric generation project is to make sure that there is no pollution for the environment.  If there is pollution that might be emitted accidentally, it is supposed to be minimized for the sake of the environment.

The other advantage is that the project will help by using the resources that are found naturally in the provinces. The underutilised resources will be used in generating the electricity and also in providing revenue for the communities around. It is their responsibility as the Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation Project to make sure that the customers use the electricity generated efficiently. They are also to make sure that the energy used during the distribution, transmission and generation of electricity is used efficiently. The other principle they adopted is that they will always be ready to respond to environmental problems that may emerge any time.


The principle that is supposed to be used is to try and improve continually the environment and to check environmental risks that are potential and that may bring problems. The employees also are to be taught about the environment and how to maintain it and to prevent air pollution. The reasons why we are concerned about these aspects of the proposal is that if the issues like the environment pollution are not checked and dealt with, they will affect the people from the provinces both in the current generation and in the future generation in a great way. Also, the sustainable development will help in preventing issues that may arise later which may be environmental or economic.

Thank you.


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