Since I finished my one year college program, I have developed a genuine interest in advancing my studies in Liberal Arts. I have been involved in contemporary works within varied fields in arts in relation to films, music and writing, after I attained a certificate in Media Fundamentals. My interest has been fuelled by my early interest in the industry, past educational background as well as my experience in contemporary arts.

I am a hard working person with exceptional creativity as well as visionary ability in relation to productive art work. This can be attributed to my involvement in variety of creative arts, since I graduated from xx College, with early interest developed in my high school days at xx High School. For many years I have gone for voice lessons which has provided a clear ground and a stepping stone in the profession through deriving improvement on critique, hence influenced my development in skills related to the industry. Other experiences have been through directing plays which has also enabled me to write successful scripts for television programs. Writing is a passion that has added to my experience in creative work, with well received short stories and children books. Finally, I have been engaged in studio work concerning my music interest where I write, record and produce my own songs which has potential in the music industry, through projected availability in iTunes.

My mandate is to provide acceptable, creative and informative work developed and produced for benefit and knowledge for all. This is a major factor that have facilitated my interesting pursuing a degree program in xx University, since I believe that your institution has the efficient and effective environment for my profession advancement, instigated by the varied fields arts, where my choice in Liberal arts will result to accomplishment of my envisioned mission. I have excellent ability to connect with people, which I would consider as my major strength, as this profession demands team work and exceptional interrelationships with others, in respect to target audience and colleagues. My weakness involves my value for work organization fuelled by perfect work free of irregularities, which has been curbed by challenges involved with creativity as the audience dictates overall prosperity. Through my past experience, perfection and dedication in my work has enhanced discipline and consistency which has garnered me more confidence and appreciation from my audience especially in writing children book, films that I have directed and produced, as well as music.

I look forward for improvement in the field through challenges within the degree program and involvement in bigger projects related to film directing, music production and writing, with anticipation to connect with acknowledged figures in the industry. Professional practice in the field is a deliverable to my anticipation in the course work through involvement in the competitive industry and working with people, especially the heavy weights in Hollywood and other world wide film industries, music and creative writing.

I believe that an opportunity to study in your institution will garner my creativity and contribution to enhancing knowledge to others through directing, production and publication of informative and creative work for the intended audience and overall society. More so, my envisioned goal after completion of the program is to develop my creativity in the profession, in a global –oriented perspective.




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