Leon Trotsky’s Comments


Address the following issues in right around 750 words. In so doing, please consult the "Grading Rubric for Written Work", which I will attach.

“He who aims at the end, cannot reject the means. If human life is sacred or inviolable, we must deny ourselves not only the use of terror, not only war, but revolution itself.”
—Leon Trotsky

Evaluate Trotsky’s comments, in light of Russian counter-terrorism efforts. In terms of Russia’s "bespredel" policy, where should one draw the line, in terms of which types and how much violence is justifiable? Give examples, and tell me where the line is (if you can find one).

Hint: Trotsky means to argue that some good things (at least in his mind they are good things, such as terrorism and revolution) can’t be done without violence. You can apply this same idea towards COUNTER-terrorism, not just terrorism, and that’s what I want you to do here.

Use these references 1) Reynolds, Maura, “War Has No Rules for Russian Forces Fighting in Chechnya,” Los Angeles Times, September 17, 2000.
2) Omelicheva, M. Y. "Russia’s Counterterrorism Policy: Variations on an Imperial Theme", Perspectives on Terrorism, 2009.

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