leadership program

Topic: leadership program

Prepare a Word Document containing your responses to the following criteria, with each answer being between 200 words each:
please use only jounal articles no more then 4 years old.
Describe your vision for the advancement of the nursing/health profession in Australia

Describe and provide evidence of any participation in student and nursing leadership activities during your program of study (ie. leadership amongst peers) I have been a student mentor for the last two years and raising funds for angel babies. Parents have enought to deal through with such a traaumatic event, let alone to worry about funds to cope with their grieving period.

Describe and provide evidence of any involvement in the development and delivery of student activities aimed at enhancing the student experience while you have been studying( I have found the way university puts its learning out there that it is a therapeutic tool helping us overcome our own battles, this will guide us into becoming the best sympathetic nurses we can possibly be by putting ourselves in the picture

Describe your ability to develop presentations and your skills in presenting. Please provide samples of presentations you have given or contributed to I have done group work and recieved great grades for these, we demonstrated committed and dedicated teamwork to achive our goals, resulting in fantasic grades

Describe and show evidence of any involvement in community activities related to health/nursing or other industry/profession (please specify the industry/profession your community involvement relates to) raising funds for Angel baby foundation. These funds go to providing funds to families so affected families can recieve ongoing grief counselling

Briefly describe how you would use this opportunity for leadership support and career development
(it would be a great foundation for me to further m

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