JCPenny & Co going downhill

JCPenny is in a great deal of difficulty, it is in the process of stating bankruptcy, its loosing customers, stocks going down, the company is dying. The professor’s view on this exercise is to try and tie "culture" to a possible turnaround. here are the things that needs to be done for this exercise: 1- Analyze JCPenny’s Culture: look at JCPenny as it is now and get a sense of what is its culture. **when analyzing the culture we have to understand the elements, components and concepts, don’t just google "the culture of JCPenny" find the important ones. 2- Explain why its dysfunctional: when you have a failing company it most certainly has a dysfunctional culture, explain why isn’t it working, why is it dysfunctional. **Come to your own conclusion about why its a dysfunctional culture. dont just google it. 3- How would you change the culture to help turnaround JCPenny: act as organizational development consultant, make suggestions about how you would change the culture at JCPenny to help turn the company around to repair it or fix it. **Be realistic about hat can be done and what cant be done. HINTS: – Stick to broad issues in terms of Penny’s culture, don’t get caught up with little details. – Identify the most important or central aspects of culture and work on changing them, work on changing those kinds of the culture rather than trying to change everything. – Number of sources doesn’t matter, you can use more or less that the number i put with the order, as long as all parts and questions are covered on the paper.


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