International and comparative Human Resource Management

International and comparative Human Resource Management

There are two assignments in this module. Both are 3,000 word reports.
Assignment 1

This assignment requires you to provide a 3,000 word report reflecting upon the case study.

The case study is sourced from Harzing, A-W and Pinnington, A.H. (2011). International Human Resource Management, 3rd ed. Sage. The case study is shown in the

accompanying PDF file. (Page 174-HSBC in East Asia).

You need to answer each of the questions below.

Referring to the case study and appropriate theory explain:
1. The terms comparative, international strategic, and cultural Human Resource Management? (Definitions- Identification and understanding of terms).
2. The advantages and disadvantages associated with alliances and joint ventures identifying the challenges and drawbacks that an organisation may experience within

the globalised market place? (Wide question- Identification and appreciation of global implications of comparative and International Human Resource Management).
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages with regards to centralisation and decentralisation of Human Resource Management in a globalised organisation?

(Organisational control/ flexibility).
4. The benefits and disbenefits to focusing on an ethnocentric approach to recruitment in the China and Vietnam. If you were appointed as Head of HR explain what

approach you would recommend? (More focused and detailed question related to different approaches).
5. How can work/ life balance be managed in a globalised organisation? (Personal implications to workers reflecting on legislation/ organisational expectancies/

policies and procedures).

According to the case, but never copy from case nor any others work. Your work will be checked by Turnitin and not allowed over 10% plagiarism rate.

Notes/ Guidance
? You are required to address each of the points raised in the brief.
? Provide definitions
? You need to incorporate theory and sources in your report
? Provide possible examples from the case study.
? Harvard referencing needs to be provided.
? Do not use Wikipedia.
? Do not simply copy and paste.

This date is not negotiable and no extensions will be given. If you are unable to submit your assignment by the required date you must make an application through the

university?s mitigating circumstances policy. Details of the mitigating circumstance policy can be found in the student code at

You should submit your assignment electronically through the Turnitin facility on the NILE site. You should also submit a hard copy of your assignment to the Student

Assessment Office by the required date. Marks will be posted on NILE. Please note your tutor is however unable to read or make comments on drafts of assignments or

resubmitted assignments.

Suggested report format

Title Page
Contents page
1 Introduction
? Begin with brief details of the aims and objectives of the report.
? Provide background.

2. Report detail
? Reflect on theory, findings and observations. Balance these and compare.
? Reflect on each of the tasks/ headings and analyse/ evaluate/ compare.

3. Conclusion and recommendations
? Pull together your findings/ theories and observations.
? Provide recommendations.

Referencing (Harvard referencing)

Any relevant Articles / Appendix

Assessment criteria
Your assignment will be assessed against the following criteria;

1. Business awareness ? appreciation of international, national and organisational context 20%

2. Knowledge of the subject matter ? evidence of wide reading and a comprehensive familiarity with the topic reinforced by citations from appropriate third-party

sources, research and relevant literature 30%

3. Critical thinking ? demonstration of the ability to analyse and evaluate both theory and research and to make objective and impartial judgements and proposals 30%

4. Application capability ?the development of firm conclusions which reflect the analysis undertaken 10%

5. Presentation and persuasion skills ? the systematic organisation and presentation of the report so that it is coherent, convincing, accurate, reader-friendly and

businesslike 10%

It is essential that your assignment is thoroughly researched, clearly focused on the assignment brief and that the analysis is full, convincing and supported by up to

date and appropriate academic references. The Centre for Academic Practice has produced a range of open learning materials to help students with assignment preparation

and production. These are available at

In particular the following materials will be useful for you;

? Critical thinking and logical argument skills
? Building an argument
? Analytical thinking
? Report writing and report layout


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