Instructions for the Managerial Report assignment


The Managerial Report assignment consists of various activities leading to the preparation of a formal, single-spaced, 10-15 page analytical managerial report, which will include introduction, body and conclusion sections of 6-8 pages (minimum). The other 4-7 pages will consist of the appropriate prefatory and supplemental elements. Also required is a set of 5-7 visual aids, which would be used to deliver a 5-7 minute oral briefing on your report. Please note that you will not actually deliver the briefing in this class; you will only create the supporting visual aids.

Select a managerial report topic from the sample topics list on page 4-5 of this assignment document or create a custom topic of your own. Prepare a work plan as detailed in the managerial report proposal/work plan assignment, which can be found in the Week 1 folder.


Investigate your topic using a minimum of five sources, including at least two significant publications such as a book or a scholarly journal article. (These documents may be accessed online and depending on the source will count as publications.) It is also strongly recommended that you conduct at least one interview of a qualified business professional who can speak authoritatively about your topic and has expertise in the specific area you?re investigating.

Wikipedia and are not considered appropriate academic sources for this project and may not be used. There will be a 5% grade deduction for reports that use any of these sources.

Your research must include information from at least five of the following sources:

? Interviews with qualified business professionals (primary research)
? Web and media sources (academic only; more information to come in Week 2)
? Professional publications (such as the Wall Street Journal)
? Local or federal government agencies
? Government documents
? Business documents (annual reports, brochures, etc.)
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? Other appropriate documents (Google Earth or maps, statistical abstracts)
? Your personal knowledge of a subject gleaned from surveys, observations, etc. (primary research)
? Personal observation of a viable business or system (primary research)

Supplement your reading and interviewing with stories and/or anecdotes about practical business experiences, including your own and/or those of your associates.

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