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This is the order they should follow one another.

#! %&: Creating Comic Books

$35 a Day through Europe

.38 Special

1001 Arabian Nights

Albany, New York

El Paso, Texas

H20: The Beauty of Water

New York, New York

Newark, New Jersey

Plzen, Czech Republic

Saint Nicholas, Belgium

St. Louis, Missouri

The Hague, Netherlands

The Lord of the Rings

The 1-2-3 of Magic

XVIIme siècle



 Q1. How did you handle numbers, punctuation, and special characters?

When ordering characters space should precede any other character in the alphanumeric grouping. Symbols other than numerical, letters and punctuation marks should follow a space but come before numerals. Symbols attached to a word should be treated as a single word. Characters are followed by numbers. Numbers are then followed by letters. For example when writing what you earn per day, this is how it’s done, £ 12 a day. The modified letters such as ä, æ should be arranged according to their basic equivalent letters which is according to the example, a, ae, (Wellisch H.H, (1999).

According to Wellisch H.H (1999), punctuation marks such as full stop, semi colon, comma, colon, parenthesis, exclamation marks, question marks, among others are ignored during ordering. Hyphen, dash or slash should be treated as spaces. Numbers are ordered following their alphabetical writing,

Nancy C.M. (2005) rules that should be followed are:

  1. a.       Space should precede any other character though hyphen, dash and slash are treated as a space
  2. b.      The following punctuation marks are ignored, full stop, comma, parenthesis, colon, square brackets, angle brackets, braces, question marks, exclamation marks and quotation marks.
  3. c.       Symbols other than numerical, letters and punctuation marks precedes numerical and letters.
  4. d.      Numerals precede letters
  5. e.       Letters follow numerals the arrangement of Roman numbers should be done according to their numerical values

Q2. Does St. Louis come before or after Saint Nicholas?

St. Louse comes after Saint Nicholas since what is being considered is the second letter, that is t and a, a, comes before t and that proves why St. Louse comes after Saint Nicholas. Fetters L.K (2008). The basics of ordering shortened words should follow the laid down alphanumeric rules of indexing. This therefore confirms that what is important in indexing is not the short form of a word but the alphabetical order of the word. According to Wellisch H.H (1999), ordering of words beginning with articles should be treated as any other initial word and therefore short form of Saint did not affect the position of St. Louis rather it followed the indexing rules.

Q3. Did you put The Hague under T or H? Did you put El Paso under E or P?

The Hague should be under T since T is the first letter in the name. El Paso should come under E since what should be considered is the first letter of the name. El is a combination word that gives the word Paso a different meaning; this therefore should allow the word to be grouped in E categories of words.

Q4. Now, assuming the italicized terms are book titles, what might be a more useful way to organize this list?

Italics do not affect the order of symbols, alphabets, letters and special characters. Therefore incase the italicized terms were book titles, there would be no difference in their ordering rather we would follow the laws of ordering numbers, symbols, characters and letters. Browne G & Jermey J (2007) argues that books should be ordered according to their alphabetical orders to help in accessing them easily. The fond of the title does not determine ordering sequences of books.


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