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(a). Medicare or Medicaid

The health care systems in the United States use the Medicare and Medicaid programs in the health care systems as stated by Wechsler, (2011). There has been a plan to revise the Medicare and Medicaid programs for the purpose of cutting down on the increasing cost. The topic in this article is based on the plan that was made by Chairman Paul Ryan of the house Budget Committee and concerns the proposal on how to cut down the medical spending and to revise the Medicaid program.

Revising the Medicaid and the Medicare programs may not help solving the problem of health care cost that is being experienced in the United States. The proposal aims at converting the Medicaid program and makes the states have more control on the health care funds for the poor and the disabled. By doing this the annual fixed payments for the states will reduce and some of the states may not be able to give good care to the disabled and the poor. The proposal does not deal with the rising healthcare cost which is the main problem but it deals with reduction of the rates for the care. In the summary of the article, there was a proposal of an alternative plan to deal with the Medicaid program.

(b). Private Heath Insurance

The area of interest in the private health insurance and the topic in this article is the difference that exists between the public insurance and the private health insurance. As stated by Spartanburg, (2011), the article deals with the health insurance of the Republican officials and their private health insurance coverage. The difference between the two types of insurances is that public health care insurance is taken by the employees through their employers.

The health care insurance through the employer reduces the cost for the person taking the insurance than it is in buying private insurance. The finances offered for the insurance are similar and every employee has a right to choose the type of insurance coverage they want to maintain. The part time private sector jobs require that one should have private insurance health coverage. The conclusion for the article states that there is no difference in taking insurance from the employer and from the private insurance.

(c). Uninsured affordable care act

The article shows the importance of the affordable care Act coverage for the Americans who are not insured with pre-existing conditions. According to U.S Department health and Human Services, (2011), the health and human services department want the awareness of the pre existing condition to be increased for the health care of uninsured Americans.

The pre existing condition Insurance plan program will be helpful to the Americans who are not insured in that the services that have been denied to the people who cannot afford the insurance will be covered. The importance of the affordable care act is that the price for the health care will be affordable to all. The awareness of the program to as many Americans as possible will ensure that the other insurers in the market will not deny coverage to people because of their health status. Working of the affordable care act with other organizations like the consumer group, social workers, organizations that deal with chronic disease and other health care providers will ensure that there is increase of awareness which is for the benefit of uninsured Americans.


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