Guest Service Training Guide

Guest Service Training Guide

In Baderman Island there are numerous guest services that involves the facilitation of the guests’ comfort, getting help whenever they need it, accessibility to the amenities and services the guests may need as well as enjoying friendly welcome and stay. However, attitude also plays a great role in the guest service through giving out welcoming words and smiling faces. This is mainly because  there is nothing worse just like going to a place and gets a cold welcome by the concierge or host. Hence, guest service at Baderman Island is an issues of having a genuine positive attitude as well as the willingness of going out of their way with the aim of helping the guests (Baderman Island, 2).

Moreover, the front  desk in the visitors  center is responsible of coordinating the guest services, whereby in most cases the typical and most crucial guest service involves providing the Baderman Island guests with all the necessary information as well as the special equipment or supplies they may require while there (Baderman Island, 3). In addition, the front office personnel are required to promptly respond knowledgeably to all the requests presented by the guests for information. Thus, this requires them to be knowledgeable with hotel information as well as the surrounding areas. This is necessary because for instance, the tourists will likely have numerous questions hence it would be frustrating if this crucial guest service can’t be adequately offered (Baderman Island, 3).

For instance, at Baderman Island there is an excellent guest service in which guest requests are responded to promptly and swiftly thereby ensuring the satisfaction of guests. Moreover, there are also numerous amenities and guest services provided at the Baderman Island which ensures there is variety to cater for the diverse needs and interests of the guests (Baderman Island, 4). Hence, the guest service is usually offered at its best at Baderman Island which caters for self-contained guest rooms as well as being an all-inclusive resort destination. Therefore, this  aspect of offering a wide variety of amenities and guest services has been very crucial towards contributing to the popularity of the Baderman Island as an all-inclusive resort destination.

Additionally, despite the luxurious and comfortable accommodation brooms offered at the Baderman Island, there are several featured hotels on the Island such as The Tenney, The Baderman Main Hotel, and Melancon Convention Center together with a Hotel. However, there are numerous day activities that are available at the Pepicello Fairways, William C. Martin Botanical Gardens, Baderman Island Oasis Spa, and Recreation Center (Baderman Island, 4). In addition, the guest services at Baderman Island includes the convenience of the fabulous shopping and dining which is actually located in the Meredith Visitor Center as well as in the entire of the Baderman Island (Baderman Island, 5).

There is also adequate information provided at the visitor’s center regarding to the recreational activities within the island such as boat rentals, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, tennis, and so on. Moreover, other  guest service at Baderman Island includes visit to the O’Dell Gallery of Fine Art which is usually located at The Tenney mezzanine floor. Alternatively, the guests who are interested in the information and touring of the surrounding areas are also provided with this crucial guest service whereby they participates in various activities that offered by the communities surrounding the Baderman Island (Baderman Island, 6). Hence, these guest services ensures the continued popularity of the Baderman Island as an all-inclusive resort destination.


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