Factors affecting widespread use of on-line stores in UK and China

According to Mitchell and Alan, (1995), the widespread use of online stores in China has been affected by the special offers. The stores have been competing in promotion of the consumer goods and the cost of the promotions at times outweighs the benefits that the online stores get from the sales that are on offer. The success of online marketing for the online stores mostly depends on the details that are given and the clarity of purpose that is analysed.

The use of online stores in China which leads to buying online as stated by Dan, (2011), is greatly influenced by the knowledge of computers by the buyers and the shoppers.  Another determinant that influences the buying is the prices of the products they want to buy online. People consider the security and how convenience it is to buy online than buying in the old way. In china, customer satisfaction is based on several things one of them being the information quality. As Xia et al, (2008), commented, transaction capability is also a factor that affects the popularity of the online stores in china. Merchandise attributes and the website design also affects the customer satisfaction.

In china as PR Newswire, (2011), illustrates, the popularity of the online stores is affected by online information and people go to shop and to buy online. The advertising budgets have to be high in china for the retailers who own online stores to make customers visit them and buy online goods. The retailers of the online stores should understand what information is needed by the consumers.

The use of online stores in China as Interfax, (2010), indicates has been affected by the slow growth of the industry. This was seen in the third quarter of the year 2010. According to Interfax, (2010), another factor that affects the widespread use of online stores in china is the group discounts sites that are available for the small enterprises. The medium size enterprise and the small enterprises get the chance to market themselves online and this may bring competition in the in the online shopping sector.

As Turner and Callaghan, (2006), indicates, in the UK one of the factors that influences many people to buy online is the fact that the online buyers are protected by the court. This is due to the decision that was made by the court of appeal in UK. The people in UK can use the credit cards to purchase online while in UK and when the purchases are made overseas.

Another factor that has affects the popularity of the online stores in UK is the weather pattern. More people buy in the times when there is poor weather to avoid it. This has increased the use of the online stores and the internet as Telecom worldwire, (2007), wrote a situation that has not been experienced in China.

In UK as Samantha, (2011), puts it, shopping in online stores is a leisure activity and people in the UK do it for leisure. They browse in the shops online and compare what they want to buy. The comparison makes the owners of the store to be faced with a challenge of having sophisticated services for the people to enjoy as they use online stores as leisure activities. The widespread use of the online stores has made it cheaper and easier and so the customers demand satisfaction. The other factor that influences the popularity of the online stores is the risk that is involved in online purchasing. According to Quinton and Harridge, (2006), there are measures that were developed in UK to develop the trust of customers who deal with the online stores.

The retailers of the online stores in UK have been struggling to get space in town. As illustrated by David, (2011), this has made the retailers to go to out of town to get spaces and they have made good money. The factor has resulted in retailers from UK who own online stores to be commercially flexible and at the same time become financially powerful. The out of town deal has greatly benefited them.

In UK when compared to China, people visit the online stores to buy because of life events as Robinson et al, (2007), puts it. The people from UK mostly consider the quality of service and are measured by the quality of deliveries. Most people in UK use online shopping as a complementary means of shopping but not as an alternative.

In UK as illustrated by Telecom world wire, (2008), the online shopping has been affected by the festive seasons and the people tend to buy more through online during the Christmas season than in other times. This has increased the competition among the retailers of the online stores. The increased buying in the online has affected the popularity of the online stores positively.










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