WEEK 2 REPORT INSTRUCTIONS: (Due Sunday) 30 points

This document has detailed instructions, but I’d like you to put your responses on the Week 2 Report doc (not this one). Thanks!

Background for the assignment
This week we’ll examine a Supreme Court case from this session that questions the concept of undue burden as pertains to abortion regulation. Protesters for both sides of the issue were present this week to speak their minds.

I recommend that you browse this assignment to see what concepts you’ll report on, and then refer to Chapters 2 and 3 in the text, and my Week 2 Lecture for the information. BUT! Do your very, very, very best to close any sources as you are typing in your responses. I want to hear how you are digesting the material this week!

Supreme Court Considerations: Here are some links to give you some background.

I encourage you to read other material to get additional background on this case.

On to the assignment!

Formatting for the assignment: (use these headings)

I: Introduction
There are two main elements to this case. Briefly summarize the issues on the table. Translate into your own words so a brother or sister, or neighbor could follow your explanation. Cite your sources too!

II: The Context (the more challenging “critical thinking” part!)
Please respond to the following questions. Support each of your responses too!

1. Refer to the Policymaking Model in Chapter 3:
a. Which phase (and stage) in the Policymaking Model are we at with this case? Explain why too!

b. Which factors from the external environment are relevant to this case (see P. 86)? I’d recommend that you look at each of the factors in the External Environment box at the bottom of the model. List each factor you believe is relevant to the health issue of access to services. Explain why and how it is important for this issue. Don’t just say, “There are economic factors…” Explain how and why each are important and may have influenced policy-making in the past and presently.

2. Suppliers and Demanders:
Please review the text and my Week 2 Lecture. People often get these turned around, and there is frequently some confusion about who suppliers are.
a. Who are the demanders?
b. Who are the suppliers?

I encourage you to think about demanders and suppliers for this case from the following perspectives:
● Suppliers and demanders at three levels of government (national, state, local),
● Who are the suppliers and the demanders that are for, and who are against the issue?
● Look at the External Environment box in the Policymaking Model. The different factors will help you identify demanders who may have influenced this important case.
● This should be fun to think through. Identifying suppliers and demanders is an important part of the assignment, so give this extra consideration!

III: References
Reference list and in- text citations.

All in-text citation and the reference list at the end need to be written per APA stylistic guidelines.
I dock pts if you use sources within the body of the Report but don’t cite, and if the reference list is not written out per APA guidelines.

IV: Wrap up
How much time did you spend on this Report assignment? How did the assignment go for you? Was it fun, challenging, informative, pretty easy to do, difficult? What part of it was interesting to you?

Post your assignment in the weekly tab under the Report forum AND to the Dropbox. Also, please submit to the Dropbox for grading as an attachment. When posting to both locations, please name your post Week 2 Report (your name).

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