Reflective Post #4

Reflective Post #4 Please look through the given readings and videos in regards to the controversial issue of convenience and cosmetic surgeries

in companion animals. Convenience surgeries (declawing and devocalization) are those surgeries which provide a convenient solution for owners to

stop unwanted behaviors. Cosmetic surgeries (tail docking and ear cropping) are considered to have no true benefits to the animals and are only

done for aesthetic purposes. *An important note: All of the procedures you will look at today are banned in the United Kingdom and other

countries, and it is illegal for a veterinarian to perform any of these procedures. Doing so can result in a fine and removal of their license

to practice veterinary medicine. This is important to keep in mind when considering these procedures here in the United States where these

practices are still legal and socially acceptable. After you have looked through the materials, please answer the given questions completely.

Your answers should be of high quality, consist of complete sentences, and be free of spelling and grammatical errors. Please number your

answers to match the questions you are answering to allow for more accurate grading. Your post must be at least 500 words in length. Convenience

Surgery – Devocalization: Please read the following article and watch the following video before answering the associated questions. AVMA

Devocalization Statement: Vets Speaking Out

About Devocalization: What is devocalization, and why do people seek to have this procedure done on

an animal? Why do dogs bark? And, why do some dogs bark excessively? Explain at least one alternative to devocalizing pets that was recommended.

Were you aware of devocalization in pets before reading this article and watching the video? After watching the video, listening to the

devocalized dogs, and hearing the opinions from some veterinarians; what are your thoughts on this procedure? Convenience Surgery – Declawing

Cats: Please explore the two websites and answer the associated questions. American Animal Hospital Association Position Statement: What is declawing? What is involved in a declawing

surgery? Is this procedure painful for the animals? Explain at least two alternatives to declawing from the AAHA statement page. What are two

behaviors declawed cats express that lead to them being relinquished to shelters as listed on the Paw Project FAQ page? What is the AAHA

position in regards to declawing? They do believe it is imperative that veterinarians educate their clients, but according to the Paw Project

website, why is this likely not happening, and rather many vets are suggesting declawing to their clients before behavioral issues arise or

alternatives are considered? What were your thoughts on declawing before looking at the articles? What are your thoughts now? Cosmetic Surgeries

– Tail Docking and Ear Cropping: Please read the information from the following websites while answering the associated questions. AVMA Position

on Cosmetic Surgeries in Dogs: AKC Position on Cosmetic Surgeries in Dogs: What is the AVMA’s position on tail docking and ear

cropping in dogs? Did they feel there was reasonable amount of scientific evidence to support the continuation of these procedures? What were

the risks that were inherent with these procedures that clients should be aware of? What is the AKC’s position on tail docking and ear cropping

in dogs? Why do they feel this way? What was their reaction to the AVMA’s position on this issue? What were your thoughts on ear cropping and

tail docking before looking through this material? What are your thoughts on these procedures now? See an AKC (American) Doberman here; and a Crufts (United Kingdom) Doberman here;,0s772x578.JPG understand the difference in appearance that ear cropping

and tail docking have on a dog. There are also many YouTube videos were you can see these procedures being performed if this helps form your


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