Emergency Room Nurse Roles

Emergency Room Nurse
Emergency Room Nurse

The Role Of The Emergency Room Nurse.

An essay of 6 paragraphs (APA format). Tittle “The role of the nurse caring for patients after an emergency” (write a little case then start developing.)

The ER or ‘Emergency Room’ nurse is a person who is great at quick thinking, decision-making, and multitasking. He or she has the training, aptitude and willingness to adapt to whatever the day happens to bring, as every day is different in the emergency room. Best suited to this role are nurses who appreciate the fast-pace and challenge of not knowing exactly who is coming through the door and what may be wrong with them. The ER nurse enjoys helping patients, and doesn’t allow the emotions of patients in trauma to affect their mindset.

Three references.
school: Florida national university(nursing program)

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