Dyson – a distinctive company


Dyson – a distinctive company
You have been provided with an academic case of the Dyson company. This provides you with foundational information, which you should develop through other sources. You will find commentary relating to this company via the financial press (such as the Financial Times). You should complete a detailed search for further information, which will support your use of strategic models for analysis.

You are to produce a report to compete the following tasks:-

Tasks to be completed:
1. Analyse the current position of the organisation in relation to its environment and competitors. 50%
2. Evaluate the strategic options now available to the organisation. 25%
3. Recommend the strategic route forward and the methods for implementation of your chosen options. 25%


There should be an appropriate balance of analysis for each of these
tasks dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the organisation. You should clearly answer each task in a separate section.


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