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Death penalty is a kind of sentence passed on the worst criminal offence for instance murder. However, this kind of sentence has raised a lot of controversies from different nations based on their differences in political, economic, ethnic and religious affiliations.

Some people believe that it is a fair sentence as it helps reduce crime against humanity and also protect the lives of the innocent especially children and women, who are viewed as the minority group in the society. On the other hand, there are some who are completely opposed to this move as it is viewed as being inhuman, unethical and also against some religions’ law though as indicated by (Ryrie), in his book on biblical answers to contemporary issues, it is not indicated anywhere that the secular law should not consider death penalty as a punishment that can be imposed on the worst criminal offenses.

However, I do not support death penalty as it is not the just and the right thing to do. In addition, one cannot be able to determine the most appropriate policies to govern death sentence without corruption and injustice, as written by (Quinn), the Springfield Governor. He continues to argue that the larger sum that is spent when executing capital punishment can be used in other useful manner such as trying to reduce crimes and also assisting the families affected in overcoming the ordeal.

Death penalty is not an appropriate way of punishment as sometimes it may not be administered with justice and integrity it deserves. This is because sometimes the jurors may not have access to reliable information and evidence that may be required in order to pass a fair judgment.

Also fairness may not be observed in the sense that those convicted come from different socio-economic background and therefore when it comes to administering justice, there is a tendency for the prosecutors and the jurors to be biased and pass fair judgment to those who are well-up and come from rich background. This further fosters inequity and inequality in the society.

In conclusion therefore, death penalty is not the best option for the worst criminal offense as it emotionally depletes and also it is unethical though it may be legal in some countries.














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