Critical Analysis

Chapter One: Consider the images of boys and girls as offered by today’s advertising media. Identify images from print or video advertising that reflect or reinforce gender differences. Write an essay in which you show how gender differences are represented in advertising media.
•Chapter Two: Consider the readings that focus on the issues of family happiness. Is there such a thing as a truly “happy family”? What makes a family happy? Write a persuasive paper in which you argue for your view of family happiness. Reflect on the Tolstoy quotation in your argument.
•Chapter Three: In a number of the selections in this chapter, we get an argument, either implicit or explicit, about what a meaningful education ought to be. Frame what you believe that argument is and show how it becomes apparent in the selections you choose.
•Chapter Four: After listening to the audio selections from this chapter, write an essay responding to the following: Do the men and women in these audio selections appear to talk differently about love and hate, or is it possible to generalize? What do you think about the way the sexes approach or broach these two strong emotions?
•Chapter Five: A question that arises with respect to war, especially in the United States, is the question of a draft. In your opinion, should there be a draft in this country? What are the pros and cons of compulsory military service? Write an essay in which you argue for or against the idea of a draft.
•Chapter Six: The rise in prison population can be attributed to the increased rates of incarceration for nonviolent drug offenders and three-strike laws. Write a paper in which you argue for or against incarceration for nonviolent drug offenders. Use the readings in this chapter to support your claims.
•Chapter Seven: Does the beauty and majesty of the natural world need to be tied to a higher or more spiritual force to be truly understood? Why or why not?
•Chapter Eight: Focus on the differences that separate commercial art from politicized art. Are the two as separate and mutually exclusive as they sometimes appear? Can you make a case for the superiority of one over the other?
•Chapter Nine: How does human intelligence compare to intelligence in the animal kingdom? With humans we speak of different varieties of intelligence, including emotional intelligence. There are obviously different types of intelligence within the animal world. What are they?
•Chapter Ten: Many see the development of cloning and genetic engineering as holding the potential to solve many of humankind’s ills. Others see the potential for danger if progress is left unchecked. Write an essay in which you argue for or against genetic engineering as a method of improving the circumstances of humans. Use the readings from the chapter as sources. You can pick one of those


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