Changes likely to occur after opening of the first express restaurant by Charminar


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The  latest  change that has of late happened to the  Charminar  restaurant is that it has  opened  its  first  express  restaurant  at  Reynella  whereby it is expected to be offering  express  takeaway foods.   However, the express  takeaway  menu which  has been  adopted  during the change is actually limited  to  only the popular  dishes  by  which  chances are that you will  be  in  and  out  before  you even know thereby ensuring that many customers keeps on  coming back  resulting to increased  profits due to  the increased number customers.

Therefore, according to the New world lifestyle group, the restaurants is nowadays offering meals worth $3.5 million on annual basis to South Australians. Also, in the attempts of advertisement and promotion they usually sponsor 300 sports groups locally, 400 schools throughout the state as  well as offering yummy food worth approximately $500,000 to the Australian athletes. In  addition, the restaurant will also be expected to increase its number of employees as well as considering their abilities to offer excellent takeaway service.

Moreover, these takeaway  restaurants will need to be located  in strategic locations that are easily accessible and strategically positioned to lots of passing potential customers. However,  these sites that are well placed will tend to cost more in terms of rent, but they  are crucially significant in  ensuring the success of the business. In  addition, the  take-away restaurants does not always need to be located in  a very busy and expensive location; however, it must be within close range of a commendable population of people, since they mostly don’t have specific customers but also  targets  the people.

However, there will be need to always carry out a careful and consistent check of the local competition which acts as an indicator of the success chances especially when there are numerous of such restaurants meaning competition will be tough, and more particularly when  the foods served are the same.  However, on this matter the expected competition will not be such stiff because only the popular foods will be served. Furthermore, it would be very crucial to  consider offering the delivery service to customers who are not likely  to  come to  the restaurant to pick their orders. Thus, an effective ordering system needs to be put in place to ensure that customers  can place their order either over the phone or through internet.

Moreover, the inside of the takeaway restaurant will need to be pleasantly decorated, in order to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. However, a take-away will not  require to be overly decorated, however, the aspect of making the customers’ area look pleasant and nice is crucial in helping the creation of an appealing impression. Additionally,  extreme cleanliness and tidiness will be a core to  the success of the business; or else the customers may never wish to come back again. However, due to the high staff turnover specifically experienced in  the low paying jobs there will be need of often  advertising for jobs and spending significant time training  the staff regularly.

The takeaway restaurant will tend to undertake an aggressive advertising in the local directories as well as in the  local newspapers, while at the same  time ensuring the distribution of menus to the houses of  the potential customers will be a  popular method of spreading the knowledge of the business. However, due to high competition levels in the takeaway sector careful planning on every aspect of the business will increase the chances of success. Therefore, hard work  combined  with effective planning of the takeaway restaurant will lead to gaining of regular customers thereby increasing the profits level.


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