Career Development Plan Personal Assessment Instructions

Career Development Plan Personal Assessment Instructions
For those who wish to use the assessment tool that is used in ?The Strategic Project Leader Mastering Service-Based Project Leadership? by Jack Ferraro, unfortunately, it is no longer functioning. An alternate that can be used is: I ran through this tool and found it to be effective in gathering the data needed to give some outside objective viewpoints that help you see what you don?t see on your own.
In addition to the above 360 analysis there are a number of other assessments that can be found at: , many at this site are free; however, a number of them are not. If you are curious during the course as to where your level of emotion intelligence is you can find a test at this site that will at least give you a high level view.
Everyone must conduct a 360 degree assessment. Plan to select between 5-10 people to assess your leadership performance. Make sure that the people you plan to select understand that you are requesting input from them and the timetable as to when you need it completed so you have input into your career development plan. I do not need or require to see the details of your feedback but the expectation is that you obtain an outside view of your performance which will help give you some objective insight into how others view your performance. You may learn something about yourself! Remember other?s perceptions are their reality!
For each personal leadership development plan you must have the following;
? 360 degree analysis ? what did you learn from this input and how will it be used in your career plan
? Career Vision ? where do you plan to be in the long run?
? Goals using SMART ? Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely ? there must be no less than 3 fully defined goals and preferably 5.
? Goals should include the strategies and actions to support each goal with targeted completion dates.
? A method to track completion dates and course correction must be defined.
? A description of how you will build your network or support system in order for you to achieve your goals must be included.


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