business situation and a Management Decision Problem (MDP)


Come up with a business situation and a Management Decision Problem (MDP), and then proceed to conduct such research to address that problem. This qualitative research can be based on primary and/or secondary data. Primary data research would be preferred if possible. Position yourself as the decision maker as well as the researcher. Begin with a high-level Management Decision Problem definition that you would like to address with this research. Include a self-review of the context of the problem, and secondary data analysis for qualitative research, providing an environmental context. Then, refine your Management Decision Problem statement and proceed to develop a Marketing Research Problem (MRP) definition. The next step would be to develop the components of your marketing research approach. Specifically, develop a model as a suitable representation of the structure of the problem and of a possible approach, and then identify a set of research questions and hypotheses to be researched. Finally, design and conduct exploratory qualitative research in light of those specific questions, and analyze the findings. Conclude the paper with a summary of your key findings and analysis relating them to the MDP, and finally develop your recommendations for your business in reference to your MDP.



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