Black Money & Corruption in IB

•    Watching  Black Money, produced by Frontline (50 minutes):
•    Watching  Jack Abramoff The Lobbyists Playbook (14 minutes)

•    Watching a short BBC piece on Russian Bribery (2 minutes):
•    Reading the following articles:
The goal of this assignment is to provide you with a greater understanding of the breadth and impact of bribery and corruption in international business. After you have watched the videos and read the articles, please respond to the following questions.
You must use full, grammatically correct sentences in order to receive credit for your answer.
1.    What are your overall impressions of the topic?
2.    What is the BAE case? What countries and businesses are involved?
3.    Who did the bribes benefit in this case and what was accomplished?
4.    Were there any threats involved should the bribes not be paid or any insinuations that work would be slow or contracts would not be signed?
5.    How is terrorism involved in this case?
6.    David Leigh, a British reporter stated,  “You get pots of black money that nobody sees, nobody has to account for, … you can do anything you like with. Mostly what happens with black money is people steal it because they can.” What do you think this means?
7.    What happened to IKEA in Russia?
8.    What percent of crime is bribery in Russia?
9.    What impact does this have on the government, if any?
10.    What is the KBR case?
11.    What was the result?
12.    What is the US government doing to combat bribery?
13.    What did US corporations say about being at a competitive disadvantage?
14.    What is the OECD doing about bribery?
15.    What is currently happening in China with companies such as GSK and Merck?
16.    Why do you think China is moving in this direction?
17.    How does China’s response to multinationals impact risk?
18.    Who did Jack Abramoff work for?
19.    Is lobbying the same as bribing in the Abramoff case?
20.    Abramoff states that “people believe that the corruption only involves someone handing over a check and getting a favour, and that is not the case.”  What does he mean by this?
21.    What is the difference, if any, between corruption and bribery?
22.    Is White Collar Crime as “criminal” as other crime? Who is hurt by these bribes?
23.    How do you think bribery impacts international business?
24.    How do you think bribery impacts national policies and governments?
25.    Is it ethical to engage in bribery if you are, as Chiquita claimed, forced to participate to protect your assets or employees?

Your deliverable will be a WORD Document that includes your name and the name of the assignment. You will be responding to the questions above.
You must use full, grammatically correct sentences in order to receive credit for your answer.
Make sure you actually watch the videos and read the articles.  Questions about them will be included on the exam.


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