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Rocky Road to Revolution

The main point of this article is that it reiterates on the challenges and tribulations that faced the America’s road to independence (Ferling, 2004). This is mainly because it clearly sets out the conditions that were prevailing amidst the struggle for the America’s independence whereby it clearly portrays the positions that were taken by different factions towards the road to  revolution. These two factions had differing opinions and stands that heightened debates both in the congress as well as among the American people. For instance, there were those against the America breaking from its mother country Britain while others were strongly for the separation idea (Ferling, 2004).

Moreover, this led to a clear distinction between these two groups one consisting of the reconciliationists while the other one consisted of the pro-independence both of which pursed varied goals. For instance, the reconciliationists believed that there was need for America to reconcile with Britain (Ferling, 2004). This is mainly because some of whom were merchants relied on credits that were offered by the British banks and also this would reduce trade. Moreover there  was also the fear of the unknown as well as the fear that in case of the loss of the war it would lead to retaliation which would worsen the situation (Ferling, 2004).

The pro-independence were against the taxation imposed by the Britain as well as the Britain tyranny and harshness against the American people. They saw independence as the only way to ensure America’s freedom from Britain’s imperial domination; escaping from the Britain corruption menace; and a chance for the creation of a republic that would be based on representation equality (Ferling, 2004). This therefore led to the heated debate in congress and drafting of the statement of the independence declaration which finally culminated to the independence of the American people (Ferling, 2004).

Boston Tea Parties

The main point of this article is that there is need for the government to heed to the needs of its citizens mainly through passing legislations that it passes. The article draws so much from the struggle for the independence of the American people whereby there were two factions one for it while another one against it (Lepore, 2010). For instance, there are those who are strongly criticizing the government because of its stand on several issues as well as civil rights strife. Hence this has necessitated the need for a revolutionary change in order to ensure that all  the citizens are given equal rights. Therefore there has been the formation of the vehicles for the necessitation of social change in movements such as the bicentennial (Lepore, 2010).

The peoples’ concerns have been raised as a result of the cruelty and injustice perpetrated by the government to which of the citizens are victims. Reiterating for the current leadership generation to act on constitutional and democratic principles to  counter the arrogant use of power (Lepore, 2010). This is mainly because the executive arm of the government is characterized with corruption, arrogance and rot all of which were protested against by the tea parties prior to the independence (Lepore, 2010).

The cause of uproar is the passing of the healthcare bill which has been described as an intolerable modern day act (Lepore, 2010). This is because the government is subjecting its citizens to unfair taxation and at the same  time forcing  these  depleted tax payers to cater for healthcare of other people mainly those who are not working, compared to the taxation imposed on the tea before the independence (Lepore, 2010).




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