As an undergraduate applicant, I want to pursue a degree in Human Services with concentration in Criminal Justice. My academic background gives me genuine support and interest in Criminal Justice since; I derive my inspiration through the urge to assist those in need in the community and help them solve problems while maintaining confidentiality and trust with the clients.

The degree program that I would like pursue is Human services with a concentration in Criminal Justice.  The institution that corresponds with my study plans SUNY Empire State University, New York. The necessary credits that required I have matched them with the ones that I have attained at Nassau Community College. I have done three advanced concentration classes in Criminal Justice and three liberal studies in general studies. To support this, I have attained 12 advanced study credits in concentration and 28 credits in liberal studies.  For more emphasis the concentration credits are in relation to Criminal Justice.

The University policies in academics within my area of study interest maintain skills, quality ethics and service, integrity and exceptional interpersonal skills. I believe the associate study program will propel me in field, since my goal is to contribute to the community by utilizing my expertise and knowledge supported by my studies to offer quality solutions to problems in the community and to individuals.

I would be delighted to be offered a chance to enroll at SUNY Empire State University, since I’m certain that, I can achieve my goals in helping the community by solving problems diligently. After completing my studies I believe my zeal to help others will help me succeed in my career and further advancement in the field.


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