Apparel Importing & Exporting

Assignment #2

Assignment Overview
In this assignment you will be writing an analysis of the attractiveness of two export markets and foreign sourcing platforms.

Assignment Scenario
You are the newly appointed Vice President of International Marketing Research for an emerging Los Angeles-based Surf and Skate lifestyle brand.  The company is seeking to internationalize its operations as domestic cost pressures cut into manufacturing margins and as a growing number of unsolicited purchase requests are being received from abroad.  The Chief Executive has identified two high-potential countries to do business with (see your country assignments below).

1.    Your first task in your new post is to identify public domain resources that provide information on these locations as potential locations as potential markets.
2.    Provide an overview of the trade relationship between the U.S. and your assigned country in textiles and apparel.

1.  Compile a list of 20 key resources as follows:
a.     FIVE resources from each country (i.e. organizations or government agencies from within that country).
b.    The rest can be drawn from US or international sources (e.g. Comtrade, OTEXA).

2.  For each resource, provide the full name and URL, if online, or – if a library resource – the library catalog location information.  The list should include resources that are specific to the country you are assigned as well as general resources such as Comtrade.

3.  For each resource briefly describe the kinds of information that each provides and how this can be helpful in reaching an exporting/ sourcing decision.
For example, you might consider the U.N. Comtrade Database to be an important resource. Then your listing for Comtrade might be:
U.N. Comtrade Database
The database provides detailed information on import and export flows between nations     at the product level.  This will be useful in assessing current trade levels and historic growth patterns between the U.S. and Pakistan by product.

4. Identify what trade agreements the country is a party to – both globally, regionally, and with the U.S. (e.g. is it a member of the World Trade Organization and is it a member of CAFTA?)

AMM 357 Apparel Importing & Exporting                N. Dwyer, Professor
Assignment #2, p. 2

5. Using the tariff schedule that applies to the country in the US tariff database, indicate the tariff applied by the US to the following product category from that country: Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) sub heading 6102.20.00 – “Women’s or girls’ overcoats, carcoats, capes, cloaks, anoraks (including ski-jackets), windbreakers and similar articles, knitted or crocheted, of cotton, other than those of heading 6104”.

Use online search engines, including those within the university to help locate potential sources of information.  Do remember we have a library on campus and there is an AMM/ College of Business subject specialist there who can provide you with advice.

Start with searching for sources of information and bring those with you to class for discussion purposes.
Much of the information for items 2 and 3 can be gained from sources that we will look at under US trade administration.

Technical requirements
1.    Format:
a.    Your report should be an MS Word document using font 12.
b.    Provide a cover page that indicates the class number, assignment number, gives a meaningful title for your report, your name, and the date of submission.
c.    The report should contain an introduction, narrative and conclusions.
d.    Use sub-headings to provide structure to your report as appropriate
e.    Bullet style sentences/ paragraphs are acceptable.
f.    Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar is expected.
g.    Approximate report length should be 4-6 pages including double spaced text and single spaced charts/ tables.
h.    Reports are to be submitted via Blackboard on the due date/time.

2.    Tables and Charts (if necessary):
a.    Use tables and charts created in excel and integrate them into your MS Word document.
b.    All tables and charts should be numbered and have a separate title.
c.    Use text to describe what key situations and trends are shown in your tables and charts.
d.    Text describing a table or chart should appear above it, not below it.

AMM 357 Apparel Importing & Exporting                N. Dwyer, Professor
Assignment #2, p. 3

3.    Resources:
a.    Cite sources separately at the foot of each table and each chart. Use “The Owl at Purdue” APA formatting guide.
b.    Provide the full list of sources at the end of your report as a bibliography.

Grading Rubric

TOTAL    Points Possible
Complete list of 20 key resources as instructed    50
Trade agreements – global, regional, & bilateral with the US    30
HTS 6102.20.00 tariff rate    10
Technical Requirements    10

Country Assignments

This assignment is done in teams of two. You and your partner will choose your countries by random selection picking, as last time. DON’T FORGET: Write your names next to those countries on the list passed around in class.


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