An evaluation of new technologies


Write an evaluation of new technologies or online resources currently available for Mandarin Chinese language learning. Evaluate the systems/products and make comparisons where possible. In your essay, describe the merits and shortcomings of the systems/products and make recommendations for the learner community.

New technologies mean some electronic systems, hardware, software, or internet-based / cell phone-based tools that can help the learner to learn Chinese, be they PC, Apple, iOS, Android, internet-based, or Linux systems or some other such things.

An example of “technologies”: A cell phone-based Chinese-English dictionary

An examples of “online resources”: a learning website or a YouTube channel that is helpful for Chinese learners.

For technologies, Professor Tao has listed some electronic tools on his webpage:
You can pick one or some tools from this list and do an evaluation.
You can also explore other tools that are not listed here.

For resources: You can find links to some online resources on this webpage:
You can also explore other resources that are not listed here.

Checklist before you submit your homework (range of scores):

1) Independent work (no plagiarism, copying from other sources, etc.): 20
2) Indicate the name of the tool or resource being evaluated; and give a description on how to access it (such as a link): 5
3) Describe the merits and shortcomings of the systems/products: 40
(Abstract discussions only will result in lower scores.)
4) Make recommendations for the learner community: 15
5) Overall organization: 20

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