American History






1. Explain the foundation and evolution of the United States as a nation, during this time period, focusing on the struggle between centralized and localized authority as resolved in the Constitution.

The revolutionary war which was as a result of the Americans’ search for independence led to the need for a constitution.  According to Berkin, the present social, economic and cultural developments rely on the political history of the nation as their framework. The formation of the American constitution resulted from the compromises and failures experienced in the United States under the governance of the confederation articles as well as all the known failures of the existing European governments at that time. It was based on the system of the common law which primarily focuses on the principle that of fair treatment of similar facts on all occasions hence it binds future actions.  It accounts for the foundation of United States as a nation and its subsequent progress towards achieving its goals.

2.  Examine the process of government creation, including the Articles of Confederation and the constitutional Convention, and how that process both included and excluded certain people.

The making of the United States was triggered by the realization of the shortcomings of the British colonialists. Policy making aims at decision making so as to arrive at a solution for a certain problem. Since the articles of confederation failed tremendously in their intended purposes, it was necessary for a constitutional convention to be held so as to discuss the way forward. It is this convention that led to the drawing of the first American constitution. The federalists proposed the first constitution whereas the anti- federalists opposed it. Nevertheless, it was adopted and has effectively guided the nations undertakings and contributed to its numerous achievements.



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