Advancement opportunities in three hotels

Westin hotels

Working as a marketing manager at Westin hotels provides a wide variety of advancement opportunities. However, despite the advancement been dependent on the period for which one will have worked, merit also contributes a lot to the period one can take to get promotion. Thus promotion being the major part of advancement Westin hotels provides the opportunity for their marketing managers to advance through promotion. For instance, upon recording consistent satisfactory performance someone is promoted to the position of a senior marketing manager. The salary for a marketing manager in Westin hotels ranges between $40,000.00 to & $70,000.00 annually. However, after promotion the salary ranges between $80,000.00 to $130,000.00 annually. This promotion is also accompanied by other benefits such as increased medical cover, discounted rates at the hotel, as well as sponsorship to attend seminars and conferences for marketing skills advancement.

Omni hotels

Due to the wide presence of the Omni hotels all over the country the demand for marketing managers is also high. However, when someone joins the hotels as a marketing manager he/she has high chances of promotion and advancements. A marketing manager can advance to a senior marketing manager within five to ten years depending on performance. A senior marketing manager also has the opportunity to become a hotel manager. The salary ranges are $42,000.00 to $73,000.00 and 83,000.00 to $132, 000.00 annually both for a marketing manager and senior marketing manager respectively.

Hyatt hotels

Hyatt hotels are also another great destination for a commendable number of marketing managers whom upon exemplary performance advances to the positions of senior marketing managers within three to ten years. Upon continued satisfactory performance they may also be promoted to hotel managers. These advancements  are also combined with an increase in salary for a percentage of between 30 to 50. This position also leads to advancement because the holders are sponsored by the hotels to attend various seminars and conferences to advance their marketing skills. There are also benefits that come with these advancements such as increased medical cover, highly discounted rates at the hotels as well as exposure to different working situations.


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