Admissions program


It has ever been my profound desire since childhood to study, research and establish the best methods with which learning can become easier, reliable and dependable to the learners who have invested a lot on education of late. Having read volumes upon volumes of books detailing how a human brain responds to information; my thirst to learn more and more has tremendously intensified. To be specific enough,  I am planning to learn and understand the deepest possible on how I and the rest interested in this same field, can improve on  the teaching of not only elementary but even to the  college level students.


My ability to cope and adjust to associate with different types of people qualifies me to cope with the students from all walks of life who are seeking to find the best education in the field of their interest. This will also enable me to associate and team up with fellow faculty members in order to scheme up the best methods to use so as to produce the best out of the college students.

Passion for seeing young brains developing to match the modern day technology and knowledge will afford me the time needed for working with students. This will mean enough time for teaching, mentoring, and putting in place research directives for graduate students, who in the near future will not only be of help to themselves alone but to the Auburn University and the whole community in general.

Finally, inline with the goals outlined to prepare the University of Auburn through the PFF program, I here by apply to participate in the program and it is my assurance that Auburn shall realize transition from teaching elementary to college students.

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