Adding value through Marketing


Marketing can be defined as act or the business of sustaining, converting, attracting and keeping customers in the business. Marketing can be achieved through various means which include public relations and advertising. It is a strategy that is laid down in a plan that is written and for it to be effective it has to be followed for at least one year. Companies and entities are supposed to approach marketing as an investment that pays after some time when there is commitment. Sustainable marketing and green approach marketing has helped companies to improve on their businesses despite the great competition that is experienced and the indifference in the market. Sustainability and green approach marketing has helped business in adding value to their products.

The approach to marketing of an organization or a company may determine the sustainability of the company as McDaniel and Kolai, (1987), puts it. Effective marketing positions the company and it also makes it a leader in the industry. The companies who have engaged in effective marketing have resulted in financial gains as illustrated by Sachs, (2009). The In soft company is a good example because it did marketing with the aim of being prepared to meet the opportunities that were available and in return it had great financial gains.

Sustainable marketing and green marketing is a marketing strategy that is used by a community of people and they help each other in getting the good marketing strategies for their businesses. They use the network effectively and the internet to share ideas, profit, knowledge and connections to help them in their green business.  It is the process of controlling implementing and planning the distribution and pricing of products that satisfies the goals of an organization and the needs of the customer as Saren, (2000, p 747-748), states. One of the advantages of the sustainable marketing is that it provides discipline to the entrepreneurs who are in the green marketing sector and it gives them the marketing methods that are traditional as suggested by Baker, (2007).

The companies that are well established are taught the corporate social responsibility in sustainable marketing and they are also taught how to brand and deal with the market that is evolving. As Mae, (2008, p. 8), puts it, being involved in the social responsibilities for the businesses helps them to grow their businesses because they can easily introduce a new brand in the market, and market the product in the right way. Through green approach marketing, companies are able to deal with the evolving market by innovating new packaging and distribution methods without altering the value of the product. The companies understand the ways that are cost effective and they make their services and products to be cost effective to the communities as illustrated by Garimella and Bhaskar, (2011).

Sustainable and green approach to marketing help the involved entrepreneurs to get the marketing that works and the results are continuous. It brings about growth in revenue and sales by giving the steps that are supposed to be followed in the marketing. According to Sustainable growth, (2011), they help the companies to discover the brand positioning of their products which in turn protects the competitive advantage and strengthens it as in the example of Future Gen Company which wanted to strengthen their competitive advantage and at the same time build a sustainable business.  This became possible with the assistance of the green approach marketing and their goal was fulfilled which added positively to their business by gaining competitive advantage.

Another example of a company that has added positively to its business despite the indifference in the market is the Stream Australia Qld Pty Ltd. The company approached the sustainable marketing with the aim of being helped in launching and growing the Bio Stream. The company did not know how to make it happen and they were helped to get the right strategy and the results were exceeded sales. As suggested by Sustainable Marketing, (2010), sustainable marketing and green approach marketing helps companies to develop new names, new brands that help in growth and visual identity that is new.  It provides a marketing strategy which gives a new look to the business.

The best performing activities in the business are focused on as according to Jennings and Zandbergen, (1995), and the business increases their profits by using fewer resources that they could have used if they did not use sustainable marketing. Their services also include outsourcing of a team that is experienced and this reduces the budget of marketing. The team selects the services that are needed by a particular business and gives the business an opportunity to focus on their core business as it was done on vital light Company which wanted a distributor market to be created. As stated in Outshine the competition, (2010), the business was led to a marketing strategy that helped it to outshine their competitors in the industry because they were left to concentrate on their core business.


Marketing in business helps in adding value to the product without changing the contents. Sustainable and green approach to marketing has added positively and business has grown, increased their profits and maintained their market. It has helped businesses to change their brands and generally improve their productivity despite the consumer confusion and the possible indifference.



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