Accounting Ethics

Marshaling the best evidence you can, answer the following questions regarding two (2) of these individuals who have convicted unethical behaviors (selected from the list below):

1. Were these individuals born criminals?
a. If so how did they keep their inherent characteristics latent for so long that they could rise into significant positions of responsibility?
b. If not, why did these basically good people do the bad things?

2. Were the criminal activities in which these individuals engaged the first ?wrong? things they did, or were they preceded by other ?wrong? activities that were not detected, or at least not prosecuted? If the latter, can you point to any examples? Do you think these people cheated on projects and exams in college?

3. What could have/should have been done in the organizations in which these individuals worked to ensure that these felonies were not committed?

List of Convicted Felons:
Diann Cattani
Rita Crundwell
Justin Paperny
Matt Gless
Steve of Steve?s Tax Scam
Susan of Susan?s Efforts to Help a Client
Joshua of Joshua the CFO
Arthur of Arthur, a Question of Willful Blindness
Ryan of Ryan?s Accounting Fraud
Andy Fastow

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